The Armor of God

When the enemy comes at you, are you ready? The Armor of God online class led by Andrea Tellison will help you prepare for spiritual battle.

With this bible study, you will learn how to use each piece of the armor of God to its fullest potential. You will learn how to use the sword of the Spirit to slice through the lies of the enemy, and how to use the shield of faith to deflect his attacks. You will also learn how to stand firm in your resolve and never give up hope.

Andrea teaches from the revelation and inspiration given to her by God as discussed in our serious “Jesus Came To My House”

  • Week 1: Preparing for warfare
  • Week 2: Schemes against our righteousness
  • Week 3: Disturbing the kingdom of darkness
  • Week 4: Cover your heart and quench the fiery missiles
  • Week 5: Protect your communication system: your mind
  • Week 6: Using the Sword to repel the darkness
  • Week 7: Prayer: the language of saints


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