Despite their campaign slogans, it is not Democracy that is on trial in this election, it is the leaders of the Democrat Party. You are the jury, and your duty has never been clearer. You must use your vote to return a verdict for their crimes against America. This is your one and only chance to express—in a tangible way—your power over their madness.

Let these facts be written in fire in your mind as you vote:

They declared war on your children.

Who subjected your children to a suffocating mask when it was not necessary? Who forced them to believe perversion and communism are truth, and America is evil? Whose teacher’s union stole years of your child’s education by keeping schools closed? Name the party who called concerned parents ‘domestic terrorists.’

They increased violent crime in your neighborhood.

By opening prison doors and by leaving our southern border wide open, the Left sent violent crime, drugs, and sex traffickers into our neighborhoods: on foot, by plane, and by bus. But that was not enough. At the same time, they defunded and weakened the police who could have protected us against the crime wave they created. Murder rates are still soaring. Thousands are still dying from a flood of fentanyl and a dozen other hard drugs.

They caused inflation.

Who deliberately raised the price of gas by destroying our energy production? They spent our future on insane projects and then printed devalued dollars to pay for it. Name the people who pillaged your retirement account. They caused the price of everything to go up faster and higher than anything we have seen in over 40 years.

They want more than just abortion.

It is not enough for them to kill a fully formed fetus. They have legalized killing a baby even 28 days after it is born, in some states.

They are censoring and jailing dissenters in order to stay in power.

January 6th suspects are still being kept in jail without due process. Facebook, YouTube, and Google still shut down accounts of those who are not following the edicts of the Democrat Party. Woke corporations persecute employees who are Christian. They are sponsoring bills to force Christian leaders to stop preaching against them.

And finally—they are insulting your intelligence.

While undermining freedom on every front, they yet dare to say that Democracy is at stake in this election. They say this to deflect your attention from their towering failure and dishonesty. They want you to believe they are the guardians of freedom. It is like hiring the weasel to guard the chicken coop.

The bottom line is this: There is no area of your family’s life and future that they have not threatened. They are against all—not just some—of your rights as an American, as a parent, and as a Christian.

Your duty as a believer has never been clearer. The Democrats are guilty as charged. God will not hold you guiltless for sidestepping your duty.

We have the chance to vote evil out. If we neglect that right, and that supreme duty, then we deserve all the misery Democrats can muster—but our children do not. Your vote counts! Your duty as a believer has never been clearer!

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