Welcome! I’m glad you found me. Today I’m sitting on the front porch thinking about all of us who live or have lived a life that we never thought would be our life. Even though there is a kind of sadness in that, there is also the hope of a change. This is not the “wishful thinking” kind of hope. This is the deep, living hope from God based on His promises to help us.  Funny thing about hope….it hangs around just waiting for us to discover it. Actually, I believe hope is alive. Like love and faith, it just waits for us to say in our hearts, “I wonder if there is hope for me”? Then hope springs into action, and we find ourselves willing to look at things to see if there is a better path to follow for the rest of our lives.

Maybe, right now, you are saying…..right-  duh!……I’m not even going to ask if there is hope for me because I know there isn’t. Please, just say it anyway because an old lady you don’t even know (me), asked you to. Like a Grandmother who has lived long enough to see how things really work says lovingly to you, “Honey, just try it.”  I’m asking you because I know that hope is stirring in your heart. After all, you are reading this blog!

Try it and let me know what happens. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Sitting on the porch wishing you would drive up, sit down with me and tell me what’s up in your life!

Grace, Nana Ann

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