President Donald Trump will be joining us on Flashpoint tonight. What does that mean?

Yes, it is true that Donald Trump will be on Flashpoint tonight, Thursday, September 30, at 6 p.m. Pacific/ 7 p.m. Central/ 8 p.m. Eastern, on the Victory Channel.

But what does it mean? It means something that all of us—Gene Bailey, Lance Wallnau, Hank Kunneman and myself have been sensing for a long time.

Donald Trump will be on the show tonight. But, think about Donald Trump’s schedule. Consider how much care and strategy goes into his choice of interviews. Agreeing to be on Flashpoint is quite a statement.

A simple idea in the heart of Gene Bailey has, in just a little over a year, become a spiritual and political phenomenon. It did not launch from Fox News, but rather, it came from the fledgling Victory Channel. Social media has tried and failed to suppress the hunger that exists for this hour of Faith, political commentary, prophetic words, and soulwinning.

Agreeing to be on Flashpoint is quite a statement.

Am I boasting about the show? No way! I walk in fear and trembling because of the great responsibility that comes with this massive microphone.

It is a fearful thing to be in any way associated with Flashpoint. It is something that we must all pray for. Along with our high profile comes enemies in high places and, trust me, there are many who would silence us if they could.

So, what will Trump say tonight? I am very curious and very hopeful. And maybe it will be a chance to give back to someone who took one hit after another for us, as our President. I still call him Mr. President, because many of us recognize that he won the election and he is the legitimate leader of America.

Finally, I believe tonight is our chance to say thank you and to urge him to keep fighting for us.

It is amazing how many Christians are still afraid to openly support Donald Trump. But the church must wake up! The Leftist Marxists hate you! The people who hate Trump, also hate you. They hate your faith. They hate your Bible. They hate your values. They hate Israel. They hate the Constitution and, truth be told, they hate America. They hate you, even if you don’t support Trump. And they will hate you after Trump is gone.

Finally, I believe tonight is our chance to say thank you and to urge him to keep fighting for us.

But President Trump still has a destiny in America. You can speak up for him and face the backlash, and if you endure that backlash, it will give way to a lasting blessing. But if you remain silent, Trump’s destiny will be fulfilled anyway, and you will be remembered for your cowardice.

Yet, tonight’s blessing goes both ways: My prayer is that President Trump will feel the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Body of Christ. And that he will be impacted by an encounter with God tonight.

What America needs most is a true moral awakening. Nothing less will heal our land. God is using many new tools like Flashpoint to blindside the devil. Let us all be in prayer that fire will fall tonight on Flashpoint, and not just on this show, but in churches and in hearts all over America!




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