Two urgent reasons we must prove election fraud that we have overlooked.

There are two urgent reasons we must prove there was election fraud. We ignore them to our own peril and there is a great danger that we will ignore them.

Here is a painful fact about war: The most important moment for any army usually comes when they are totally exhausted. We are at that moment, and we are exhausted.

They called us to action, again and again. The most vicious and determined enemy we have ever faced has drained us repeatedly. They are protecting the most insidious crime in modern history, and Federal government agencies lead the cover up.

No wonder we are tired!  They have bitterly rebuffed every investigation. Courts ridicule the evidence. They label anyone who dares to speak out about the fraud is labeled a conspiracy theorist. And they face a withering assault.

The endless calls to action exhaust us. We are tired right when our important moment has arrived!

What is our important moment? The answer is Arizona, where the first domino has fallen! We have the evidence. It is overwhelming. It could lead to victories in other states―but only if we do not grow weary in well doing!

Is America about to see the exposure of the greatest deception ever in our political history? Only if we stir ourselves, yet one more time, in our holy cause. But we can lose the war. Because we are emotionally spent. And now you must see the facts.


Here are two overlooked facts about election fraud that will awaken a fresh urgency in you:

1. Trump will not run again, unless fraud is exposed. High ranking officials in the Trump campaign have said that Trump will not run in a rigged election. He sees no point in trying for the White House again, unless the fraud is uncovered and the voting process is monitored and legitimate. Which means that all the rigged Dominion machines must be replaced.

2. If fraud is not exposed, Democrats will do it again. And, this time, it will give them total control. We know the Democrats will absolutely risk committing fraud again, because the rewards are too great to pass up. They need just one more fraudulent election to forever wipe out freedom. I would add that one more fraud election would mean that there will never be any more elections.

Fraud must be proven, here and now.

The die is cast. The facts take us to one inescapable conclusion: Fraud must be proven, here and now.

That means we must pray. We must speak out. We must organize, unify, and find that extra gear to press on until we win.

When opportunity knocks, wise generals know how to fire up emotionally drained soldiers. Nehemiah did it when he said: “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses” (Nehemiah 4:14). Nehemiah did it by driving home the urgency.

Can we find the urgency and summon the strength and courage to fight on? Will you rise up and join the fight for this nation, the right to preach the Gospel, and your children’s future?



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