Kathryn Kuhlman

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When Kathryn Kuhlman went home to be with Jesus in 1976, the Power of God went throughout the 800 bed hospital!
What happened?  All of her organs were failing, except for her heart that should have read as ‘irregular’ and then move to a flatline.  She never went to an irregular heartbeat. Kathryn Kuhlman was gone in the blink of an eye!
The last nurse, who saw Kathryn Kuhlman alive before her death, had charted notes of her final last request: “I shall die on February 20th at 1:13 a.m. Please have only roses at my funeral.”  
Within 15 minutes of Kathryn Kuhlman’s final request, a new nurse, who was just starting her first day on the job, went into Kathryn Kuhlman’s room and wanted to take her pulse.  She noted that Kathryn wasn’t cold.  Kathryn wasn’t warm.  Kathryn was hot! The air in her room was thick with the fragrance of roses, not a few roses, but like millions of roses.
The ICU Head Nurse finally arrived to chart the time of Kathryn Kuhlman’s death.  Both the young nurse and the ICU head nurse could hardly stand up, when entering Miss Kuhlman’s room.
They began to read the last charted notes for Kathryn Kuhlman’s final request.  They saw an  exact day/time already given by Kathryn Kuhlman herself.  She knew the exact day and hour that she would die.  Her final words gave the testimony of Jesus for all eternity.  
Miss Kuhlman would always glorify and magnify Jesus, the Lover of her soul, even at the hour of her death.  Her very last breath taken on earth as she entered God’s Glory Presence:  “Love, Love. Love. Love Jesus.”
Both the new nurse and the ICU Head Nurse were unbelievers at the time.  Both nurses immediately began weeping and could hardly stand.  At that very moment, the young nurse dropped into a chair, weeping as she gave her heart to Jesus.

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