Jesus in the Jungle – 3

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  • 2018
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Every encounter with Jesus is different but  I know when He is calling me…it starts in the abdomen for me. In the beginning, it is often like butterflies in the stomach but it soon escalates into something much more intense. It doesn’t hurt at all but it’s very intentional and purposeful. He now has my undivided attention and it is impossible to focus on anything other than Him.  But I also want to be with Him so it’s not a sacrifice. I feel His presence hovering over me. We stay in this place sometimes moments, sometimes hours before He “speaks” to me. Sometimes He doesn’t speak, we just sit together. For some, the idea of God speaking to us sounds ridiculous.  I get that but all I know to tell you is He is everywhere and He is communicating with us. I have heard a voice out loud on occasion but most of the time it’s a voice in my spirit. Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice.” Sometimes I feel led to a scripture, other times I see images play out in my mind. God communicates differently with everyone. I have a friend that sees God in billboards. He often speaks to me through pictures — I’m a filmmaker so that is my language.

Anyway, on April 3rd when I felt His presence so strongly I picked up a pencil and wrote down what I felt He was sharing with me. This is some of what I wrote down: “Take up your cross and follow Me. I will meet you in the jungle. You will see with your own eyes what I have planned for mankind. Believe! Look with your eyes and I will give you eyes to see what you have never seen before. Man will see Me. They will discover what they haven’t known. A whirlwind is forming around you. Your life is different from this moment on.”  Later in our time together He continued, “Do you hear the sound of the army? They are coming. Victory is ours, saith the Lord. Declare I am the Lord over the airwaves. Reveal Me in the airwaves…..Do you hear the marching of the new army coming in? Proclaim the day of the Lord God Jehovah is here in full force. I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my strength, my God in whom I trust. Ps 91 There is none like Me.   I will reveal myself to your cameras. The people will see me like they never have and they will know that I Am the Lord God Jehovah.  I want people to know I am Father. I have a Father’s heart.”

I have never felt anything like this before.  However, in this day and time He is moving on the earth in a new way. We are hearing reports from all over the world about God doing great exploits. He is moving on the earth in the hearts and lives of mankind. It’s not hard for me to believe He is showing Himself to man. Jesus sacrificed 34 years of not living in heaven with Father and all of the glory and he suffered a violent and cruel crucifixion all so that we could have a relationship with the Father. That’s why it’s not hard for me to believe He wants to reveal Himself to us.  He wants a relationship with us that much.

What awaits us in Bougainville is yet to be seen.  Everyday I get a little more of a glimpse of what I think He has planned.  I don’t know why God is allowing me to be a part of what He’s doing on a remote island in the South Pacific but I am forever grateful and humbled that He is kind enough to let me go and see with my own eyes.

In the next post, I’ll share about April 13th when I was taken to heaven….a day that has changed me forever!

3 more weeks until we go!

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