Jesus in the Jungle – 2

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Jesus in the Jungle – 2

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While in California, Bougainville was heavy on my mind so when I got back home I decided to facetime Royree in Australia.  When I told her I thought God had Bougainville on His mind she said, “Wait a minute. I was in California in January also and while some people were praying for me at a church service I felt the Lord talking to me and I wrote some things down. I forgot about it but I think He spoke to me about Bougainville. Let me go get the piece of paper.” She came back to the call with a yellow sheet of paper folded up like an airplane. What can I tell you — she may be 69 years old but in her heart she’s a teenager!  Here’s what she read to me: (the video above)

So now my insides were turning. It appeared that God was indeed up to something exciting.  We continued to talk trying to decide if we should make the trip.  A few days after this call we had another facetime visit and she told me that after her time in California she went to Dallas to Glory of Zion church where prophet Chuck Pierce worships. His brother Keith, also a prophet, prayed over her and told her, “God says you put something on the back burner five years ago and He’s moving it to the front of the stove. It will bubble over onto the stove and into Australia.” He also told her, “You are the voice, do you understand.”  When she was relaying this to me her eyes teared up and she said, “I’m getting a download. It was five years ago I gave up Bougainville. I had written the book and felt that I was getting older and needed to get other things done in the time I have left. I was ready to move on.” The writing certainly seemed to be on the wall — we were to go. I wasn’t sure why He was sending me – I assumed it was to tell the story of how He led them to victory in the war for freedom. But I was wrong. More on that soon.

She called a pastor in Bougainville and casually mentioned that a production company from the United States was interested in scoping out the island to see if there was a story to tell. She wanted to downplay it so no one had expectations. His reply was, “This is great timing, God is up to something, we can feel it.” Ok, well now we HAD TO GO.

So how did our 3rd travel mate, Pam, come into the picture? Pam is my friend I went to visit in California. We discussed Bougainville while I was with her and she read Royree’s book. She agreed I should go but also added that I wasn’t about to go without her. If God was up to something she wanted to experience it.  We kept praying, God gave her dreams and insight and He spoke to me that she was an Aaron.  While traveling in the jungle, Royree’s job is to find the men to pray over her and impart, my job is to capture what happens, and Pam’s job is to keep her ear tuned into Him for whatever instructions and guidance we need.   I am overjoyed that God has chosen these two amazing women for me to walk alongside.   It gives me great comfort to know I am in such great company.

In prayer one morning, He told me “Royree is the voice, you are the eyes….meaning my camera.”  I had a powerful visitation from the Lord April 3. I very clearly heard Him tell me, “I’m going to reveal myself to your camera!”  I wrote it down, but my hand was shaking, tears were running down my face, and I could hardly breathe. I had four very strong and powerful encounters with Jesus that day.  I’ll tell you about them this Friday.

Oh, one more thing….we found out a few weeks ago The Discovery Channel is on the island with a crew of 25. They are filming a tv show about Bougainville and will be there May, June and July. “What??? Are you kidding me?” That was my first response. Who’s ever heard of this place and why are they there?  This story just keeps getting more and more interesting….:)