“It’s Not About Me”

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“It’s Not About Me”

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Rebekah Tauber left her touch on thousands…but not without a price. After devastating news alters her life forever, she is confronted with the choices of her past and must make difficult decisions about her future that will affect those around her.

Winner of numerous awards including a WorldFest Platinum Remi

“As Rebekah’s pastor, I watched her supernatural journey from teenage drama queen to a powerful servant of Christ in the face of the most difficult circumstances. It’s truly rare for a young person, or any person that matter, to touch so many others with their life of love and joy. Her testimony has already inspired thousands. I encourage pastors, and especially youth leaders, to utilize her story ‘It’s Not About Me’ to see what God brought about in this beautiful girl’s life to touch young people who are walking with Christ and the many who do not yet know Him. I know it will bear fruit as others witness the heart of Christ at work in her life.” – Dr. Ed Young, Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas