Iron Sharpens Iron


Our ministry is known for getting out on the front lines and in the hard places to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do everything in His power to expose and destroy the works of the enemy trusting it will wake the sleeping church. That mission has not and will not ever change.

Readying the Saints… IRON SHARPENS IRON is meant to undergird pastors who are willing to prepare their flock for the reality of what is to come. What better time to wake up, trim the wicks of our candles and prepare our lampstand. There are so many Christians who are completely unprepared and unaware of what is going on. Regardless of your theological position on leadership in the church, we need all hands on deck to light a fire under the lukewarm. This is a job our ministry can’t do alone. We need to function as the whole body of Christ! Fire begets fire.


  • What’s happening in the political realm that affects the church,
  • What is to come in this season,
  • How to advance God’s Kingdom and perform the Great Commission in this hour,
  • How to prepare your family/church/community to stay one step ahead of the enemy,
  • How to be wise and when to be willing to defy those in authority.

We travel across the United States, visiting churches that are willing to invite and host us. Utilizing a discussion panel format, we encourage our brothers and sisters to interact and help answer questions the people of God have.

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