Dr. Charles Karuku

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Dr. Charles Karuku flows in supernatural miracles,signs and wonders. He leads a growing modern day movement that has been stirring up revival fires across America and around the world since 1991.

  • My conversations with an atheist during my plane ride was really beautiful.

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • June 19, 2021
    • 4:00
    This unforgettable wild plane ride to NY got me sitting next to an atheist. But I have never met a real atheist who doesn’t question their own beliefs of lack of existence of God. No matter how we try to shut God out, there’s still that God-sized hole in the heart that only Jesus can fill.
  • Baptisms at Juneteenth

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • June 19, 2021
    • 1:26
    Baptisms at Juneteenth after a powerful altar call Lord thank you for revival.

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • June 14, 2021
    • :50
    One year ago tonight Sean Feucht and us met on the streets of Minneapolis at the George Floyd Memorial. None of us has ever been the same again!!! It’s been 97 cities later; and we are just getting started. We have seen God do way more than we could ever have imagined. We are on the frontside of a huge historical moment. America shall never be the same again.
  • June is the halfway mark

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • June 1, 2021
    • 8:36
    June is the halfway mark. I have a prophetic word the Lord gave me. God has a code combination that opens up the realm of His favor.
  • Pentecost Service

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • May 22, 2021
    • 38:31
    Prayer for a fresh baptism with the fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 of God Celebrating the feast of Pentecost; I have a prophetic word from the Lord.
  • Keys to creative miracles, signs, wonders

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • May 21, 2021
    • 22:28
    Keys to creative miracles, signs, wonders and a story of seeing the dead raised. Don’t miss the Revival Night/ School of Ministry here in Brooklyn Center MN May 28-29 at spiritual Life church.

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • May 20, 2021
    • 2:09
    This one comes close to home. It’s my daughter! Celebrating Jemimah’s 8th birthday reminds us of the miracle working power of God. Here she shares her miracle from the mothers womb.
  • Some New Updates

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • May 18, 2021
    • 11:42
    Some new updates. Very exciting what God is doing in Minneapolis.
  • She was deaf for almost 10 years

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • May 17, 2021
    • 1:27
    She was deaf for almost 10 years but after coming to one of the meetings she got her hearing back. We shall Never forget this pastors wife from west palm beach FL. We caught up last week in Georgia. Her testimony is impacting many people everywhere she goes.

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • May 16, 2021
    • 1:41
    It’s been two months since. I caught up with this young man. He was healed of epilepsy at the Chattanooga revival 2 months ago. He shared the updates. No more seizures since!
  • Live from Orlando, Florida

    • 2021 Video Blogs
    • May 8, 2021
    • 3:33
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