Changing a Mind

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  • 2014
  • PG

Chosen as a favorite film by film festival curators from around the world CHANGING A MIND is the amazing true story of Neal, John, and Nicole. Imagine living life trapped in a world full of limitations. After a medical diagnosis leaves no hope for these children, one mother is determined to fight for their minds. After nine years of research and fighting the current medical philosophy, Teresa Cody does what doctors and scientists say is impossible. She finds an answer for those born with Down Syndrome. Her discovery leads to dramatically improved social behaviors as well as a rise in IQ as much as 8 to 20% in 6 months. Nicole, suffering with both Down Syndrome and Alzheimer disease comes back from the darkness in only 8 months. Witness the change.

“One of the most uplifting stories I have seen. You won’t believe the change in these kids. You have to see it to believe it.” Margaret

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    A mom does the impossible - finds treatment for Down syndrome, reversing the damage, dramatically improving IQ and quality of life.
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    Producer Sondra Martin Hicks talks about the making of Changing A Mind.
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    A mother does the impossible. She finds a treatment for Down syndrome. Her son Neal goes from very little talking, no reading or writing to completing 2nd grade in 2 years. Other children's IQ raises 8 to 20% in 6 months. One child, with a dual diagnosis of DS and Alzheimer disease, comes back from the darkness in only 8 months.
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