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“Battle Plan” focuses on spiritual warfare. Steve Hemphill was raised in an ultra-conservative Christian environment and is the last person you should be hearing miracle stories from, but that’s exactly what he has to offer. He was a successful businessman for over 30 years before writing a successful book about heaven, “My Search for the Real Heaven.” His other three books are all on spiritual warfare: “My Search for Prayers Satan Hates”, “What Are The Stakes?”, and “God’s Power For Our Daily Battles”. Steve will share proven prayers and a host of spiritual weapons from Scripture to help you gain victory over unseen enemies.

Lead Cast

  • Episode: 1-HEAVEN Is How Our Journey Begins

    • Podcast 1-10
    • 19:11
    Steve's Dad died and left a SEALED envelope addressed to Steve with this message on the outside: "If you find this after I'm dead, do NOT open this envelope." What would YOU do?
  • Episode: 2-God Told Me To Tell You Something

    • Podcast 1-10
    • 10:28
    When Steve's Dad died, he was suddenly curious about heaven, so he began to read the Bible fervently as he looked for insights. A Church acquaintance called and said, "God told me to tell you something." Would that get your attention?
  • Episode: 3-Scared To Go To Heaven

    • Podcast 1-10
    • 10:52
    Steve tells a FANTASTIC story here about a young, South Korean, foreign exchange student from an atheistic family who ended up being assigned to a Christian home. Courtesy caused her to attend church with them each Sunday, and she became a Christian, but was actually AFAID to go to heaven because she did NOT want to be a floating ghost!
  • Episode: 4-Matthew Maury

    • Podcast 1-10
    • 8:53
    Fascinating story from history! Matthew Maury was born in 1806. He was a dedicated Christian who read the Bible regularly. One day he read a verse in Psalms that talked about the paths in the sea, so he set out to find them---and he DID!
  • Episode: 5-The Atheist At BURGER KING

    • Podcast 1-10
    • 9:35
    Spiritual Warfare REAL? You won't BELIVE Steve's story about meeting an atheist in Burger King. Steve asked him if "Jesus is Lord," and the man began running around the dining hall screaming, "NOOOOO."
  • Episode: 6-We Are At War, So Gear Up

    • Podcast 1-10
    • 4:11
    Christians are in a war, but MOST Christians don't train themselves to think strategically. Additionally they often forget to SUIT UP before they go out into the world each day. This episode is here for a reminder to do just that!
  • Episode: 7-Superhero Power From God

    • Podcast 1-10
    • 5:51
    Are you aware that we have access to God's POWER, and that Ephesians 6:10 urges us to ACCESS and USE that power? Covenant people are EMPOWERED by God to accomplish Kingdom purposes!
  • Episode: 8-Satan Doesn’t Work Alone

    • Podcast 1-10
    • 10:19
    Is Satan our ONLY enemy? What does the BIBLE say? Does he have help? Is he helped by HUMANS or other UNSEEN beings? Let's explore this idea....
  • Episode: 9-What is Spiritual Warfare

    • Podcast 1-10
    • 4:38
    EPISODE: 9 How would YOU define spiritual warfare? How do we battle in the unseen? Are angels involved? Is prayer part of it? Tune in to this episode as we look at a definition that fits with what the Bible teaches about the unseen realm, angelic interference, and demonic attacks on Christians and the church.
  • Episode: 10-Prayer Is A WEAPON

    • Podcast 1-10
    • 12:11
    Is prayer your FIRST response, or last resort? What if I told you the Bible teaches that prayer is a WEAPON God provides for His covenant partners? Interested?
  • Episode 11-TRUTH Is A Weapon

    • Podcast 11-20
    • 5:42
    Do you think of TRUTH as a weapon? No? Scripture teaches that it is! It's God's spoken Word, it's an OFFENSIVE weapon (literally AND figuratively), It FREES us, and is GUIDES us!
  • Episode 12- We Live In ENEMY Territory

    • Podcast 11-20
    • 2:32
    Did you know that Jesus confirmed the fact that we currently live in ENEMY territory? Whose territory IS it? When did they gain control? What caused this? Come join us as we answer these important questions with the Bible!
  • Episode 13- DEMONS Accepted Sacrifices Offered To Idols

    • Podcast 11-20
    • 4:36
    Would it surprise you to learn that the Bible teaches that when people in the bible offered sacrifices to IDOLS that actual DEMONS were in the unseen ACCEPTING these sacrifices? This is an episode you WON'T want to miss!
  • Episode 14- My Search For Prayers Satan Hates & Pilgrims Story

    • Podcast 11-20
    • 12:53
    When Steve wrote, "My Search for the Real Heaven," he planned to share some of his greatest prayer success stories, and he did do that, but THIS story HAS to be at the top of the list! Join us for a fantastic true story about how God delivered Steve from certain bankruptcy!
  • Episode 15- Bill Was Planning His Suicide

    • Podcast 11-20
    • 18:27
    What if someone came to you and said, "I have demons on my property and I'm planning my suicide, but I wanted to talk to you first." What would you say? What would you do? This actually happened to Steve. Join us as we hear how he responded.
  • Episode 16- Victoria's Nightmares

    • Podcast 11-20
    • 7:18
    Do you know someone who has been having nightmares? Do your KIDS have nightmare? Do you FRIENDS have nightmares? Nightmares do NOT come from God. Would you like to know how to make nightmares STOP?! Be sure to tune in to this fascinating episode!
  • Episode 17- Staking A Public School

    • Podcast 11-20
    • 7:48
    Have you ever done a prayer walk around the school where your kids or grandkids go to school? Many have. Would you be open to a suggestion about how you can enhance the potency of the prayers by adding a physical element to this to bring even GREATER results? Then come listen to THIS exciting story!
  • Episode 18- Talked Into Selling Stakes

    • Podcast 11-20
    • 6:36
    TENT stakes with BIBLE verses on them? Are you KIDDING me? What for? Listen in to this unbelievable story of how GOD is blessing this idea and using it for HIS glory! You CANNOT make this stuff up!
  • Episode 19- JESUS Taught Prayer ALONE Isn’t Always Enough

    • Podcast 11-20
    • 6:34
    Isn't PRAYER enough? Shouldn't you just pray HARDER? OR, does Jesus teach that prayer by itself is sometimes not enough? You MIGHT be surprised at the answer! Tune in and find out the answer to this VERY important question!
  • Episode 20- Scripture Stakes Are NOT A Talisman

    • Podcast 11-20
    • 6:57
    Some TRY to call scripture stakes (spiritual warfare stakes) an UNSCRIPTURAL talisman, but that is NOT the case! Join THIS episode of Battle Plan and find out WHY!
  • Episode 21- Battle Plan Summary 1-20

    • Podcast 21-30
    • 6:57
    It's ALWAYS good to review what we have learned! This episode is a review of the insights and strategies in our spiritual war against the unseen enemies of the Kingdom and the church!
  • Episode 22- Mold On The Walls

    • Podcast 21-30
    • 4:34
    As Steve began pouring BACK over the scriptures BECAUSE of these fantastic life experiences he was having in the arena of spiritual warfare, he began to discover something very surprising: spiritual warfare is often spotted "between the lines" of MANY bible stories! Join us for detailed insight about this important subject!
  • Episode 23- Can Demons Affect Christians TODAY

    • Podcast 21-30
    • 9:01
    Did demons ONLY attack folks in the first century? Were they ONLY here during the ministry of Jesus to help prove He WAS the Son of God? Or do we see evidence of demonic activity and harassment in our modern world?
  • Episode 24- Stakes In The Trunk

    • Podcast 21-30
    • 9:20
    Does God's Word have power in itself? Can an act of faith like placing God's Word around a loved one make a true difference in the physical world? Yes! And this fantastic story is just one of MANY illustrations of that!
  • Episode 25- Attacked During A Bible Study

    • Podcast 21-30
    • 13:40
    The battle is real, and it sometimes spills over into the physical realm. This is the true story of being attacked in my own living room during a Bible study. There was $42,500 in damage in 4 minutes before the police could arrive. Not a scratch on me. No drugs in his system, but porn on his cell phone. Porn gives the enemy a way IN to your life and offers demons access...
  • Episode 26- Staking A City

    • Podcast 21-30
    • 5:30
    The battle is real, and it sometimes spills over into the physical realm. This is the true story of being attacked in my own living room during a bible study. There was $42,500 in damage in 4 minutes before the police could arrive. Not a scratch on me. No drugs in his system, but porn on his cell phone. Porn gives the enemy a way IN to your life and offers demons access.
  • Episode 27- Angels To The Rescue - A Covid Recovery Story

    • Podcast 21-30
    • 10:56
    does God still send angels to the rescue TODAY? Me thinks SO! And here is my very personal story of how I truly believe that He DID because of the prayers of friends, family, and acquaintances! You Will be encouraged to trust prayer more!
  • Episode 28- Singing Meme To Heaven

    • Podcast 21-30
    • 10:27
    How do you handle the death of a loved one? ONLY with God's help. And He is able to make the transition through personal loss a story of victory and love and compassion! We will ALL lose loved ones, so begin now preparing yourself for the inevitable loss of someone you love. Remember the death rate for now is 100%
  • Episode 29- Reviewing The Original Stake Verses

    • Podcast 21-30
    • 10:56
    Many who have HEARD about these stakes with Bible verses on them want to know WHICH verses I used. These aren't the "magic 16 verses" like some sort of formula. Any NUMBER of verses are appropriate, but NOT included. (You can't put ALL of them!) But these are focused on God's authority and His power to protect his people. This episode covers the 16 verses that are on EVERY stake.
  • Episode 30- Reviewing The No Suicide Stake Verses

    • Podcast 21-30
    • 10:25
    Know anyone who struggles with thoughts of suicide? Do YOU struggle with this kind of mental attack? God's WORD has the answers you are looking for. Let's LOOK AT and then PRAY these verses together! You are NOT alone!
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