Everywhere you turn, someone claims  to have God’s message of the hour. With such a flurry of “messages,” how can we possibly know what God is really saying? Especially regarding America. Just what is God saying about our nation?

A growing number of Christians believe America is too far gone. At the same time, many say that a great awakening will save us. But who is right?

The proper course of action demands we be very clear about what we believe will happen to our nation.

Let’s be brutally honest. The case for doom is strong! Face facts.

-The NFL has launched a television commercial that begins with, “The NFL is Gay.” Why is such a mainstream institution so in-your-face toward the church? Because it is a tipping point.

-The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sings a song, literally saying, “We are coming for your children.” Their goal is to get our children. The lyrics state, “We will convert your children, it happens little by little, quietly and subtly and you will hardly notice.” In other words, we will not even know they did it. What has happened that makes them believe they can be so blatant, without any consequence?

-Democrats have elevated abortion from a health issue for women, which is an abhorrent idea to begin with, into a magical healing, that is to be celebrated. How can they not see that this is child-sacrifice to the god of socialism?

-The largest caravan of illegals in history is heading for our wide-open southern border. We are watching a human tragedy unfold that boggles the mind. Thousands of children will awaken in American cities and literally not know where they are or who will claim them.

-Murder rates triple in cities that defund the police. They are so poisoned with wokeness that they would rather destroy their own cities than admit it is all a lie.

On the other hand, there are powerful things happening in California—of all places—that stagger the imagination. I have been careful not to tell you about all of the things God is doing along Highway 99, because I feared being lumped in with the many exaggerators in the church today.

Thousands have been saved. Just today, we saw 50 souls saved in one Sacramento park, alone. People have reported cancers being healed. People who come into the tent leaning on walkers, some with M.S., are healed and dance before God. In previous Living Proof meetings in the tent, we have seen sinners rock back and forth in their seats, groaning under conviction. And drug dealers have charged the altar and have thrown away their drugs.

But now it has reached a level that is astounding. You remember I told you that, in a dream, I saw Highway 99 turn into a river. Now, people are colliding with the Glory of God when there is no meeting, while they are driving on highway 99!

This written testimony came into the Flashpoint prayer center:

“I do not know how to get this to Mario. My son, a former youth pastor, mental health counselor, weary after devastating betrayals, (being asked to use evil philosophies to work with disturbed youth), just quit and became a long-haul truck driver.

“While driving through California, he got hit with what he described as a “Wailing Wall anointing.” He had been cold in his walk with God. As he described this experience, I asked if he had heard of meetings with Mario Murillo. When I explained about the conviction, weeping, groaning, with need to get right with God, my son asked where those meetings were held. When I explained, he became very excited and said, “That’s where it was, Mom, that’s where I got hit!!! I was driving right in that area!”

“He then proceeded to tell me the greatest move of God ever to hit the planet is coming! (I had only been telling him for over 20 years, LOL!) “I’m calling my Pastor,” he said. “He’s got to get ready for this, he’s not ready for what is coming. You don’t understand, this is way more than has ever been seen or heard of before!” Praise God, Mario would be blessed to know the anointing is spreading throughout the land!”

“The time is coming when the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:14)

The message of the hour is this: The evil is greater, but God is far greater. The battle seems impossible, but God is on the move in ways that are bigger and mightier than we can possibly imagine. Please continue to pray for our upcoming crusade in Sacramento.

Thank you,


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