Many are stunned and confused by the results of last night’s election. But, take heart child of God. We won some important victories and we learned some valuable lessons.
You will notice that I never predicted a red wave. I sought God realizing how profound the corruption is in our nation. I knew how deep the roots of iniquity lie in our system of Government.
The machinery that wins elections in say Pennsylvania are far more intricate and powerful than we imagined. That is why Democrat candidates avoided debates and even campaigning. And they certainly felt no need to field quality candidates.
I knew that, and because I knew that I was gratified to see how many victories we won.

A cheap victory now would have blinded us to the depth of the problem.


We needed to have our eyes opened. We needed to see how big the monster is so we truly reform America.
At the end of the election last night I breathed a sigh of relief. Because I believe we won more that we should have expected. The ground we gained in New York is a real victory.

Winning the House of Representatives is big.

This victory will stop the apocalyptic spending of Democrats. This is a key to saving our nation. It is not all that we wanted or needed but it is a victory for which we should be deeply grateful.

We fielded some bright and wonderful candidates.

Many of them ran for public office for the first time. If they run again, I believe they will win. They came very close, and I believe that their defeat will give them the eye of the tiger to win next time.

Ron DeSantis’ towering victory is an important sign.

He proved that you will win big as a conservative if you don’t back down and you execute a plan that solves problems. Every other Republican Governor that followed that formula won last night.

There were some big mistakes. Let’s learn from them.

Other conservatives do not do us a favor by constantly spouting slogans and simply pointing out problems. It is a valuable lesson to learn. We must stop doing that.
“Prophets” who guaranteed a Red Wave did us a disservice. Instead of predictions about how an election will turn out they should have provoked the church to vote and to work hard.
The lukewarm church is also a greater issue than most realize. Millions simply did not vote. Let’s target that and change it!

You have a choice. Do not let discouragement control you. Shake this off and get back in the battle. We can build on the victories we won tonight.

The truth is that many had their hopes raised to an unrealistic level. The important thing is what you do about it! Instead of getting bitter, get busy. Fight off the disappointment and embrace the opportunity.
You have a choice. Do not let discouragement control you. Shake this off and get back in the battle. We can build on the victories we won tonight. We have work to do. And none of that work will be in vain.

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