If you believe in the covenant that God made with America—if you are a patriot with Pentecostal fire—if you believe in prophets, and if you believe Trump still has a destiny in America, then listen up!

It is time to drop the label of remnant. We are no longer a remnant. A remnant does not have this many members. This is a mighty army!

Back in the day we were huddled in secretive prayer meetings. Leftists and popular pastors made fun of us. There was a time when admitting you are one of “them” was risky. There was a time when you could feel the isolation of our movement.

The roar they can’t ignore

You are longer isolated. Today, you are the roar they can’t ignore.

You are among those who rightly interpret Romans 13. The scales fell off your eyes. You resist evil government. You walk in love toward mankind, but in holy rage toward devils.

You are no longer a marginalized subculture. You are a force in American culture. You and I are no longer a smoldering ember that Facebook or YouTube can smother. The flames of reformation have jumped their walls.


Many assumed the Capital Riots would kill our movement.

On January 6th, what the devil meant for evil, backfired. He believed that the Capital riots  had finally brought a death rattle to our movement. Satan laughed with delight. He thought we were discredited, defeated, and dead.  Remember how dark it felt? Then the lie began to die.

The Left lost its mind condemning a riot that was infiltrated and abetted by agents from their own side. Worse yet, they fully ignored the evil of the BLM/Antifa riots that saw 14,000 arrests, caused $ 1.5 billion in damages, and took 25 lives.

The Left looked even more deranged by calling it ‘the worst riot ever’. Some on the Left have even said that Jan. 6th was worse than 9-11, where thousands died! America asked, “How can you say that? The damage and death from the capital riots, while awful, was miniscule beside what happened to Portland, Oregon and dozens of other cities.’

Thus, our movement revived. Polls show a growing number of Americans oppose abortion-on- demand, open borders, church lockdowns, and forced vaccinations. They also believe the presidential election was stolen by voter fraud. When you factor in the control that state media has over polls, it is amazing that we know anything about these trends. And the percentages of those who know the truth must be much greater than they will admit.

Here are the biggest reasons for me to discard the remnant label:

-This blog. In the last month they have thrown everything at this blog to stop it. That is why you see it sporadically. But even with all of the glitches and shutdowns, I am stunned. This blog which began with just 12 people reading it, is about to reach 16 million views! There is no version of that that can be called a remnant!

-There are conferences and events that declare revival and reformation. They are overflowing. Some of them are forced to move out of churches into major arenas, in order to accommodate the crowds.

-Fires are breaking out in every corner of our nation. Patriotic Christians are meeting in churches, barns, community centers, homes, schools, parks, at flag poles, and even in restaurants.

We are a popular uprising—not a remnant.

Acts 2:46-47, “So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.”

Pray for Living Proof Sacramento



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