Sacramento is the culmination of all of our tent crusades in California.

Sacramento is to us what Rome was to the Apostle Paul. Rome was the seat of power. Rome was the conduit for all things Roman. The culture, the laws, and the values of the great empire radiated from Rome.

The moment the first tent spike is hammered into the soil of Sacramento, it will make a sound that will resound throughout hell itself. Sacramento is the seat of power, and the seed bed of wokeness. This is the prize. 

Everything we have done in California has been a buildup to this crusade. All the miracles. All the conversions. All the breakthroughs have been a dress rehearsal for Sacramento.

Remember the dream I told you about, the dream God sent that launched the amazing Living Proof Crusades?  In my dream, I was hovering over California and could see the 400-mile length of Highway 99. Then it turned into a river, and God said, “This is a corridor of MY GLORY.”

What else could we call it—now that we have seen the Glory of God cover almost the entire length of that highway?

The breakthroughs of 2021 began in Bakersfield, and then moved on to Modesto, and the river of glory jumped its banks on the soccer field of William Jessup University, in Rocklin, CA.

Here are some highlights:

January, in Bakersfield: They sat outside the tent, and it was 45 degrees. The crowds did not care about the cold. Bakersfield was the first place that we heard sinners groaning under conviction of God, during the preaching. Nearly 2,000 people came forward.

April, in Modesto: The glory intensified as thousands overwhelmed the capacity of the tent for 6 straight nights. Cripples walked and cancers were healed. Conviction and living proof were the 1-2 punch that brought thousands to Jesus.

May, at William Jessup University: 4,000 people a night heard the gospel and saw the miracles. Thousands came to a saving knowledge of Christ.

But during all of these massive breakthroughs, the target on God’s mind was Sacramento. That alone is stunning. But it is the magnitude of what God has warned me He will do in Sacramento, that is earth shattering.

That is why we will commit the entire summer to this single tent crusade. That is why we are asking for warriors to come from all over the West Coast: because this is a crusade for the very soul of California!

The leftist machine that is driving America away from God is centered here. Every leftist policy that you can think of has been birthed here and exported from here. We are literally going into the lion’s den.

The Holy Spirit has commanded me to pull out all of the stops and treat this outreach as if it is the last crusade of my ministry.

This time we are heading into a harvest that can transform a region. And not just any region.

We are targeting the seat of power, not only for California, but for all of America. We will launch a massive media campaign that I believe will proclaim to the entire city, “We are here!” And we will tell them exactly why we are here.

That is why I am writing you this urgent blog. I am not asking for money. I am asking for prayer warriors and volunteers. We will begin by organizing Zoom calls for prayer. Then we will be saturating every church we know, and rallying every Christian we know―to pray for Sacramento.

Soon, you will see announcements for volunteers and a link where you can sign up to join us on the front lines.

No matter what, you can begin by praying. What if this is the great strike against the enemy that we have yearned for? If so, it deserves our all.

Come with me on this astounding endeavor for the Glory of Jesus Christ!


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