Spiritual Warfare Stakes – God’s Protection Promised through His Word


These Spiritual Warfare Stakes have 16 verses embedded on the sides of each tent stake. Made from hard resin, these bright red tent pegs are symbols of your faith and covenant with the Lord. Faith is the key that powers prayers and enabled the woman with the issue of blood to be healed. Jesus couldn’t do many miracles where there was no faith. But the presence of faith makes these symbols a powerful hedge of protection for all those plagued and harassed by demons. Demonic activity today is fast on the rise, as described in “What Are The Stakes,” the companion book. Put these all the way in the ground. Stake out all buildings in addition to property. Stand them in the corners of your apartment, vehicle, motel, or office. God is not the great, “I Used To Could,” He is the “I AM,” because He still does. His Word is powerful and mighty. Believe it.

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  • Are you plagued by demonic depression, suicidal thoughts, lack of purpose and direction, and confusion? Change your atmosphere by putting God’s Word around you.
  • God’s Word is more powerful than any gate or door (Deuteronomy 6). Place the 8 stakes on the corners of an area, read the verses out loud, and pray for God’s protection. Demons can’t STAND to be in an area dedicated to God.
  • Front side is blank so you can take a permanent marker and put names (“Billy & Sally”) or issues (“No more depression”) asking for protection.
  • Poke a pilot hole with a large screwdriver, and then drive these stakes all the way in the ground OR stand them in the corners of your office or apartment. Put them in cars, hotel rooms, etc. God’s Word is still powerful. He is NOT the great I USED to could. He is the I AM because He still DOES.
  • NOTE: If you are going to put symbols of Your Covenant with God around you, you must LIVE by that Covenant. And individual results are based on your personal FAITH.

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