Out of the Pit


The Full Story of John Borgstedt

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Have you ever been down and out? Feeling like there’s no way to escape the darkness that surrounds you? Meet John Borgstedt, a man who knows what it feels like to be at the bottom. He was severely abused as a child, spent time in prison, and had all but given up on life. But through faith, hope, and forgiveness, John finds himself on a new path – one of redemption and self-discovery. With an inspiring story that will touch your heart, “Out of the Pit” is perfect for anyone looking for encouragement and motivation. So don’t give up – get your copy today!



“I have never read an account of human suffering this intense, and I have never read an account of the victory of the human spirit and of the grace of God this triumphant. Out of the Pit makes you wonder if you can bear to turn another page until you then can’t stop turning the pages. John’s story will make you reconsider what is possible given sufficient determination and healing love. Most of all, it will challenge you to make a genuine difference, both in your own life and in the lives of others.”
– David Gregory, New York Times bestselling author of Dinner with a Perfect Stranger

“John’s story absolutely shook me to my core. I had know idea that a person could survive such a pitiful childhood, let alone rise to accomplish all John has in his advocacy work for children. I was saddened and equally gladdened by this story that gripped chilled me in the first chapter. I experienced every emotion while turning the pages eager to see the young boy become a young man and rise out of tough circumstances. This is a story of triumph over tragedy with lessons we all can take to heart.”
– P. Boubel

“Grab a tissue! This is a must-read riveting story about a life of abuse that becomes a story about love, redemption, God-given strength to forgive, and a new life. God is still working miracles.”
– D. Bunting


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