My Search for Prayers Satan Hates (Spiritual Warfare)


By Steve Hemphill
Paperback – April 6, 2017

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Are demons real? Did they all leave after Jesus ascended? Is Satan our only enemy now? Is there really an unseen realm that interacts with the visible world? How does prayer play a part in the invisible battle between good and evil? How can I pray more affectively? How can I pray with greater faith? How can I learn to pray longer than just a few minutes? How do I learn to live a life of prayer? Why isn’t prayer my first response rather than my last resort?These questions and many more are answered with real-life situations in My Search for Prayers Satan Hates. The book provides inspirational insight into the most powerful weapon in this cosmic conflict: prayer. Prayer empowers the Christian, putting Satan on notice, reminding him that he does not have the final say in matters that concern us. Prayer works.Throughout this book, Steve exposes Satan’s schemes, unveiling his strategies against our daily life, and offering specific responses to his schemes. Steve will teach you how to advance the Kingdom of God, and how to protect yourself against the enemy of your soul. Let’s Steve’s personal experiences inspire you to meet the enemy head on. By using the weapons of your warfare, including prayer, you CAN win.As you read this book you will be amazed as Steve shares with you how God has overthrown strongholds and changed lives. Steve dissects the Scriptures with a focus on strategic insights revealed in verses from the Old Testament and the New Testaments. This is not a book of theory, but a chronicle of experiences lived out by Steve and many others as they fought the good fight of faith and won the victory over the enemy. The spiritual battles described are informative, encouraging, compelling, and challenging. Practical solutions are revealed that leave you thankful, and hopeful that you, too, can win the battles you face each day.If you are tired of a defensive battle and are ready to take on the enemy so you can move forward in your relationship with God, then read this book. You may never be the same.


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