It was a beautiful night in California as we walked into the Tent to see what God
was going to do. And God did such amazing things!
The night began with a powerful time of worship. I believe worship should be our
response to the revelation of God. And the job of the worship leader is to reveal
God to the people. The worship team from Destiny Church did just that.
Then Mario took the stage and said something very important, “No one ever
changed people like Christ. Everything changes when Christ touches you. It is
amazing what only He can do.”
He began to teach from Acts 4, when Peter and John passed by the crippled man
every day on their way to the temple. But on this particular day, they could not
pass by again without letting Christ change this man’s life. He proclaimed the
power of Christ to heal and the man was fully restored.
As a result of this miracle those who were in power felt threatened and tried to shut
Peter down. They admitted that it was a miracle which could not be denied. But
rather than rejoice that God had done this miracle and would do more for His
people Israel, they chose to threaten Peter and John and ordered them to no longer
speak in Jesus’ name.
That response was pure evil and was intended to maintain a lie. But the true Gospel
will not withstand a lie. When the Spirit of Christ gets in you, He will transform
The altar call is always my favorite part of the tent meetings. Watching God set
free all whose lives had been gripped by the evil one. Watching their joy as they
are transformed and made whole!
Hundreds of people came forward to receive Christ as their Savior. It was
beautiful. It was miraculous.
Mario taught for a while and then as always happens, a very obvious shift in the service occurred when the Holy Spirit begins to move among the people to perform miracles.
It began as Mario called a man out of the crowd. He had the man lay hands on
multiple people who needed healing. Knees, spines, hearts, and lungs were restored
to health. Cancer, tumors, and so many other diseases were all healed by the Lord.
After this first group, Mario turned and pointed to a woman, and the Lord showed
him that she had three tumors. Two of those tumors had only recently been
discovered. It was in her bones, making it difficult for her to walk. The look on her
face as God's power flowed through her was amazing. And then, she stepped out
from her seat and began to walk freely across the Tent, praising God!
Mario talked about when Jesus passed by blind Bartimeus. He described how
Bartimeus called out to Jesus for mercy, and when the people told him to be quiet,
he got even louder. The crowd took the challenge and cheered louder and louder.
When Mario, playing the part of Bartimeus, told them to be quiet, they got louder.
After a time, they quieted back down and God identified more people who were
being healed. As a woman's hands and fingers were healed, the audience again
rejoiced loudly.
Mario had the worship team return to the stage and it seemed like the night was
going to wind down. Mario called for an upbeat song, not a quiet worship song.
And the team delivered with one of their own amazing songs.
As they were singing, suddenly the power of God began to move again. Someone
in the crowd was healed of a life-threatening acid reflux condition. Then God
indicated a woman who had struggled with sleep and dizziness. She had suffered a
fall which severely damaged her body, one side of her body was almost paralyzed.
As Mario spoke, you could see the power of God flow over this woman. It was
revealed that she had almost died three different times in her life. Her conditions
included three vertebrae in her spine that were out of line, causing severe pain,
lungs almost collapsed, and a shattered shoulder.
Mario said she would soon be able to breathe, bend, and move—all of which had
been impossible, previously. Mario asked her to step out and walk toward the
stage. As she slowly advanced toward the platform, Mario had her begin to move
her legs and arms. Then suddenly, she turned and sprinted across the front of the
Tent. When she reached the end, she turned and continued running toward the
back. She ran clear around the tent two or three times as the crowd went wild,
cheering and praising God.
God is so amazing! It was such an awesome and miraculous moment. No one who
was in the Tent last night will ever be the same after witnessing these clear,
powerful, amazing miracles.
The worship team led the people in a beautiful song called Let the Church Say
Amen. It felt like old school church in that place. People were singing, cheering,
dancing, and worshiping our amazing God!
If you weren’t there you missed an awesome night. But don’t worry, there are still
two more nights left.
If you weren’t planning to come, I encourage you to change your plans and be
there. I guarantee God will be there!
November 14 – 17 @ 6:30 pm
Placer County Fairgrounds
700 Event Center Drive, Roseville, CA

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A Night of Miracles in California

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