Facebook has been keeping 90% of those who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our followers even know it when a blog is posted.

The algorithm which blocks people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of views and likes. We proved that today.

Yesterday the blog was shared 1,277 times, but Facebook says that only 2,278 people read it. That means that for every time it was shared, 1.78 people read it. Then we issued the challenge. Today, that ratio suddenly jumped from 1.78 to 5. That is nearly triple the number of readers per share.

That shows me that what we did when we challenged the ban has broken some of its grip. Why is that important? Because 95% of our readers come from Facebook.

I do not like Facebook. Many of you have commented that you no longer use Facebook. But you need to understand why I am standing and fighting against Facebook.

First of all I am trying to save this blog.  For it to make sense for us to continue writing the blog, one of two things must happen: Either Facebook stops shadow banning it, or we must train our readers to go to our website to read it. And that will take time.

The other question is this: I need to know if our deep decline is Facebook messing with our readers, or if it is apathy. Because if it is apathy then the blog has run its course.

Again, I realize we have a large number of avid friends of the blog who get it directly from our website…but 95% still get it through Facebook.

I am asking everyone, whether they are on Facebook or not, “Please give us one more surge Share this message and get hold of anyone you know who is on Facebook call them to action. Another surge can break the ban and give me the time to help 95% of our audience move directly to our WordPress site.

In simple terms, the blog is in jeopardy—we have already won a partial victory, but we need to keeping pressing the attack for the next 48 hours.  That is the time God has allotted me. That is when I will make a decision regarding this blog.

I want to personally say, “Thank you” to you, our loyal readers! Thank you for understanding, and for your support!

I want to personally say, “Thank you” to you, our loyal readers! Thank you for understanding, and for your support!

I have been writing this blog for 9 years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever seen. So, there is something I must find out.

The attack began with little things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we are being shadow banned very insidiously.

For instance, the blog I posted early this morning has now been shared 1,200 times.  If a blog is shared over a thousand times—even on a slow day—it will average between 7,000 and 10,000 reads. To the time of this writing, the site claims it has had only 1,800 views, not 7 to 10 thousand. I ask you, how can 1,200 different people share a blog, and yet that blog gets only 1800 views?

Why is Facebook throttling the true statistics? They are no doubt emboldened by their victory in bringing us the puppet government of Biden.

But are they threatened by the blog’s momentum? It was approaching 16 million total views. 3 million view in 2021 until they began to censor us. I guess I should be flattered by their attack, but, no—I am enraged.

That is the point I must get across to you. Please forget for the moment that Mario Murillo has anything to do with this blog. Look at the blog itself.

God used it to introduce an era of preachers speaking out against political tyranny. It awakened and informed the people of God about the evil of the Democrat Party, when that was extremely unpopular.

A vast number of believers railed against these daily messages. Then the tide turned. Why? Because Democrats lived up to every threat and dark deed the blog predicted. And then some.

That is when the blog caught fire. Many Christian leaders began to make it their daily habit to read it to gain understanding about what is going on and how to defeat it. My conclusion is that the blog is being targeted because of that effectiveness.

This is not a self-serving statement: this blog still has an urgent role to play in our struggle against tyranny. Why do Satan and the social media giant want this blog to go away?

Because it is a threat and speaks the truth about this illegitimate administration and its agenda!

So here is the deal. The devil knows how I am spread thin by so many amazing breakthroughs we are having in the tent and in the media. On other fronts, our audience has exploded. Because of that, most of the time, I do not begin writing the blog until the end of my workday.

Sometimes the enemy says, “You are exhausted, don’t write tonight. The audience is shrinking anyway.” That last part is the most relevant. Is the audience for the blog dwindling, or are we being cancelled?

But there is a side of me that says that, if they do this to this blog and we do not fight…where will it end? That is why I am enraged.

No matter how obvious it is to me that the devil is attacking this blog, I must consider the other extremely remote possibility. If this blog has run its course, then I must be prudent to place my focus elsewhere. I need to know.

I personally believe that this blog’s greatest days are still ahead. But again, I must know.

The cancelling/censorship has become so bad that I cannot ignore the question any longer. This blog cannot survive having its audience stolen. At this rate, I will have to shut it down soon.

However, there is something you should know. Something that is absolutely worth a try. The social media giant has a big weakness—a weakness we must try to exploit, at least once. The algorithm backs off when there is a sudden ground swell of support. If enough people read this blog, share this blog, and like it, all at one time, FB will back off.

If you believe this blog has run its course, then just sit this out. I will totally understand. If there is no major uptick in response after laying it out so clearly that will show me that this is not just Facebook.

But, if you believe the blog is worth saving, then I am asking you this one time—and this one time only—to let me know that you are fighting with me against this tyranny. I need you to talk with others and let them know what is at stake in this. Here are 3 additional things you can do on Facebook:

Read it. Share it. Like it.

After 9 years of writing this blog, I will be watching for my answer with great anticipation.

Jesus said, “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

Thank you, my brothers and sisters!

In Christ.


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