This was our greatest book sale ever! Thousands of books went out. But it must end this Friday December 16th at Noon Central Time.  The prices for these books will return to their regular price after this Friday at Noon Central time.  Do Not Leave Quietly and Vessels of Fire and Glory, together as a set, for only $20.

Both of these books have had an enormous impact.

Do Not Leave Quietly: Here is what leaders have said: Mario Murillo’s new book is causing shock waves. This kind of straightforward writing is not supposed to be popular today. But those who have read Do Not Leave Quietly know better. The reaction is almost universal: the book puts into words what so many are thinking but either didn’t know how to say it, or were afraid to say it.

“This book destroys the idea of remaining silent in the face of evil. It obliterates the lie that everyday people are helpless in this storm of wickedness. Most importantly, it turns everything we consider a disadvantage into an advantage.

“The book roars the warning that God’s surprise attack on evil in America has already begun. Every believer is gifted and chosen to play a key role. Do Not Leave Quietly fits perfectly in the soul of leaders, politicians, business owners, educators, preachers, stay at home moms, and youth.”

Vessels of Fire and Glory: John Kilpatrick, who led the Pensacola Revival, said this after he read Vessels of Fire and Glory, “As I read the manuscript for Mario Murillo’s new book, Vessels of Fire and Glory, I said to myself, “Finally! Mario has measured the Church and the nation in this season and did not hold anything back. His honesty is like the sun rising inside a dark cave. This release is a paradox—it is sobering and refreshing; it is symptoms and the cure. I believe this revivalist has penned a treatise that should be in the hands of all who lead the work of God.””

Think of it! For the first and last time ever, you can have them both for only $20. Not only that, but they are autographed and you get free shipping. This is only possible because we obtained a special shipment of books and are passing the savings on to you.

But there is even something more astonishing. If you lead a prayer group or a class, here is a once-in-a-lifetime offer: 10 sets of these powerful books for only $180. Twenty books total. And, once again they are autographed and you get free shipping. In fact, for the set of 10 you get free Priority Mail shipping in the lower 48.

If you order right away, they will arrive before Christmas. Even if you already own these books, this is an opportunity to share them as gifts or to use them in group studies.

This astonishing sale is only available as long as supplies last. Please order now, so you will not be disappointed. We cannot overemphasize how urgent it is that you act now and take advantage of our greatest book sale ever! Use the link below to order your books right now.


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