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The Producer's Corner

I love sharing stories.  Jesus was asked by his disciples, “Why do you use stories as illustrations when you speak to people?” (Matthew 13:10) When I read that verse years ago, my heart lept with excitement because it made sense of the passion I have for telling stories.

My assignment from God is to reveal his heart for people through stories. It is a task that I love to the fullest. I welcome you to The Producer’s Corner. I share stories here that I have had the privilege of experiencing over the last 35 plus years as a filmmaker. Encountering different people from all walks of life and all parts of the world has been a rich and fulfilling journey. Telling other people’s adventures and life experiences has changed me and in the process I have built a library of my own encounters with God and the beautiful people that He has brought on my path. I hope these stories will encourage and challenge you to continue building your library of God stories to share with others.  

Sondra Martin Hicks, Founder/CEO HeartStone Network

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Did I humble myself?

When I say I am surprised, upset, and very concerned about what is going on in our beloved America, I’m sure many, many of you feel the same.  I was so sure God was going to intervene in our politics. Well, He didn’t respond to our prayers like we thought…
Jungle 1

Jesus in the Jungle – 1

When God calls, I hope my answer is “Yes Lord here am I.” When I first felt Him calling me to the jungle of Bougainville I was both excited and perplexed. I assumed the mission would be to capture the fascinating history of the people’s fight for freedom. Well, that…
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Jesus in the Jungle – 2

While in California, Bougainville was heavy on my mind so when I got back home I decided to facetime Royree in Australia.  When I told her I thought God had Bougainville on His mind she said, “Wait a minute. I was in California in January also and while some people…
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Jesus in the Jungle – 3

Every encounter with Jesus is different but  I know when He is calling me…it starts in the abdomen for me. In the beginning, it is often like butterflies in the stomach but it soon escalates into something much more intense. It doesn’t hurt at all but it’s very intentional and…

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