I find myself thinking about you often, and I wonder how you are.  Did you read my post titled, “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall”?  If not, take a minute and read it. I want to tell you that I know how difficult it is to look in the mirror honestly. Thoughts come… what if this is too hard, what if I find something worse than I remembered? Why did I decide to look into my past? Choices again!! Will the difficulties of the journey to a new life be too much? If you choose to, let’s keep going.  If we look honestly at why we left home (or God), we can start a journey that will change our lives.

Here is some information about memories and misbeliefs.

1). Every event has at least one other person in attendance.  If the event happens over time, there can be multiple people involved.  Just know that they will all have differences in their recollections.  My perception of words, actions, postures, etc. are MY perceptions. Everyone else will remember event parts and pieces that they perceived.  Right now, we are not dealing with them. This is so important… we are only looking at our remembrances.

2). I’ve looked in the “mirror of time” myself more than once, and it can hurt. What made me the angriest was having to admit that I was partially wrong about some things…..Grrrr!  Shame, blame, disappointment, desperate hurt even hatred may be in the mix of feelings. Be good to yourself. Move at your own pace!

3). The “mirror of time” is a starting place.  Time can add and subtract to how we felt, what we heard, and what we believe.  Over time other people’s opinions can add layers of views to our memories.

4). Stories about what happened are not always correct. This is where most people say, “I know what happened. I was there….”. I read some excellent articles online about memory that say stress and terror can actually inhibit memory formation and that memories continue to be constructed after the original event on the basis of later thoughts or information.  We don’t realize how quickly a memory fades or changes.  Even our “self-talk” over the years can add or subtract to the event.

Keep in mind that our goal is to make changes. Just look at what YOU remember, write it down, and don’t forget that our memories aren’t as reliable as we think they are. It’s not time to accuse or place blame. It is time to look in the mirror and write.  We can do this..…healing and restoration are in our future. Thinking about our journey!

Grace and love, Nana Ann


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