“Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall”


If you remember from my last post, we are going to talk about mirrors today. I just noticed a strange coincidence! Today I am writing in the gym where I work out. There is a chair with a small side table that is available for me to use. Directly across from the chair is a glass door to the outside with a pleasant view. And I just noticed that next to the door is a LARGE mirror for those working out to check and see if the old body is improving (ha). Sooo…., as I am sitting here writing about us looking in the mirror, I can see myself in this gym mirror. But not quite – I have to lean to my right just a bit to get a good view. I don’t think this is just a coincidence…today, we talk about mirrors, and today I notice a mirror that I have to make an effort to look into. Really it is a somewhat distorted view since I have to lean uncomfortably to see myself. I can see all the surrounding areas clearly in the mirror, but not me!!!

Wow! Just wow! My noticing this mirror today so pictures what we want to understand. How much effort are we willing to make to SEE ourselves in the mirror? I walk by this mirror every day but don’t look in that direction. Now I am asking you and me to get in front of a mirror and take an in-depth look. Listen to your heart! What do you notice about yourself when you are looking? I think we mostly check our makeup, fix our hair, shave and make sure our clothes are presentable. Who stands and honestly looks into their own eyes to see what is behind the “pleasant face” vail? My thinking is that we only see what we want to see.

The mirror we are looking into is not a glass mirror. It is the mirror of time. It has a yardstick we can use to measure happenings in our life. Please, be so brave as to take an honest look and ask yourself this question. What kind of a pigpen am I living in, am I putting up with? See if you can remember your perspective of what circumstances pushed you into leaving home. Please start a journal, grab a piece of paper, find your computer/tablet, and write down what comes to your mind. Then bring it out when you can reflect privately on what you have written. This reflection is the beginning of a journey that can change your life for the good if you are honest.

In my gym mirror, all the objects behind and around me are also in the mirror. All the objects behind and around us are also in the mirror of time. Right now is the breakthrough hard part. Remember, at this point, you are looking at why you left! Don’t be overwhelmed. Just take a look, later you may be able to add to your recollections. Keep your eyes on the goal of getting out of the pigpen. This is your reflection, not one of the others involved. Remember our old nursery rhyme “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?” I believe we all are…..remember…..hope is alive here.

Grace and love,

Nana Ann  


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