Even the children feel the expectation. The Tent is up. This is the eve of miracles in Roseville, California. 1,000 volunteers are settling in for the great work ahead. The air is filled with a crackling electric faith, expectantly awaiting healing miracles.

A labor of love lifted the Tent against a glorious blue sky.

The Tent! Will this be the site of souls saved, drug habits destroyed, and miracles wrought? Ask the army! Will the meetings in this tent spark the long yearned for awakening? They are convinced!

They will tell you that they have never felt anything like this. They have visions of notable miracles burning in their hearts. They cannot wait for the first altar call. It will be their chance to touch lives—weeping souls and repentant sinners—with the power and love of Jesus.

They are flying in from New York, Florida, Texas, Arizona and many more places. Some have come thousands of miles just to usher their loved ones, relatives, and children into the Tent.

Thousands have asked if the meetings will be live streamed. “I cannot come, but will you show it online?” The answer is simple, if the Tent is full, we are ready to stream it live. Why should that matter? Because my friend, revival is not a spectator sport. The body of Christ developed that terrible habit during the pandemic. They have chosen the couch over in-person revival. But there are those who have a valid excuse.

Yes, there are those who cannot come to Roseville. Yes, there are those who have no choice but to be at home. I understand all of that and I have compassion for them. My conviction is that every chair in the Tent is like a hospital bed during an outbreak of disease. Like a lifeboat in an angry sea.

Luke 14:23 says, “Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

That is why, once the Tent is full, we will stream it live.

Do you realize what that means? By bringing those who need Jesus or who need healing, you not only touch their lives, you open the door for thousands more to see and hear the message of Christ around the world, online.

Those of you who are reading this but cannot come, can still have a great impact. Contact those you know who live within driving distance of Roseville. You too will be helping to get the meetings online.


Do not let the cold stop you. The Tent will be heated to a comfortable temperature.

It all adds up to one final question…Will this be our greatest tent crusade ever? It has all the makings. This act of love and power has been saturated with prayer. Over the past weeks, we have visited thousands of homes, businesses, and churches. Our team has given away over 40,000 cards, tons of food, and clothing.

There is more! Lance Wallnau will be speaking in the Tent this Tuesday morning November 15, at 10 AM

It is all in the hands of God now. The stage is set for Satan to suffer a massive loss and for the Kingdom of God to enjoy a glorious gain. It is time for the people of God across America to be encouraged and emboldened to win loss souls and heal the sick. Even the children here know that! See you there!

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