We are at the airport in Brisbane waiting for the plane to PNG. Left to right: Pam Boubel, Amy Jensen, Sharene Hurnen, Eric Hurnen, Josh Hicks

This morning about 4, God was gracious and gave Pam and me a download about Bougainville. It seems to be a very key piece. It has definitely honed our focus. Later on I hope to be able to share about it.  While in this moment with Him I saw something akin to a blanket being draped over my entire body and I saw us in something like a slide. We were covered and protected and we were headed down the slide– meaning nothing would stop us and we are protected.

We continue to receive emails and texts from wonderful intercessors who are standing in the gap for us. Victoria sent a vision she had early Saturday morning (USA time). I want to share it with you.   “I’m in tears and the presence of the LORD is heavy. There’s something going on. I know that David is still interceding for you. ( this is in reference to when I was taken to heaven and saw David that I described in an earlier post) You carry the standard of Christ the Risen King. Your horse is more than ready. It is also suited up in military protection and prancing around at the front of your ranks. I wish I could articulate the vision. There aren’t a lot of you, but you will be victorious.”

We are full of anticipation.  I know He’s waiting for us in Bougainville. All we have to offer him is our hearts and the oil in our Alabaster box. We are coming Jeaus. We can’t wait. We love you.

I will post to our site everyday we can get internet out.

Love to all.

Sondra, Pam, Royree, Sharene, Dave, Josh, Eric and Amy

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