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I would say the great adventure begins today but reality is the adventure began the moment we said yes to going.  We left home this morning and flew to California to meet up with Pam.  I say we because my son Joshua that just graduated from high school is with me.  He has felt the Lord calling him since he was four years old. When Jesus revealed a glimpse of what He has planned for this time in the jungle I knew I couldn’t leave Josh behind. God made a way. Thank you Lord. When I hugged Steve, my husband, goodbye I felt a big pull on my heart about leaving him. So did Josh.  We know he is struggling with the two of us leaving for so long and for being so far away but he pretended all was good… did Josh and I.  I heard him tell my son, “Take care of your mother.” I will admit that I love and appreciate men feeling the need to protect women. When I was younger I didn’t value that like I should or do now. I found it touching. I’ve loved him for 39 years and he doesn’t always understand everything I do but he has always given me the room to be me and follow my heart. What a gift that is and has been. Steve, if you’re reading this, thank you.

Tomorrow, Pam, Josh and I will take off for Australia where we will meet up with 1) Sharene – who is Royree’s daughter, 2) Eric – Sharene’s teenage son, and 3)Amy – Sharene’s teenage niece and Royree’s granddaughter and the six of us will fly to Papua New Guinea where we will meet up with Royree who is already there holding a Women on the Frontlines Conference.  All of us will then fly to Bougainville and meet up with 4) Dave, Royree’s hubby who has been there for 6 weeks with Walkabout Saul, helping the islanders rebuild and improve their standard of living.  I know it’s a lot of names but I will post a picture from PNG before we leave for Bougainville.  The four Momma’s on this trip are so very happy about the young ones going with us. It doesn’t get any better than that! Royree’s grandkids are interested in filmmaking/photography so they will be a big help to me and I will love teaching them things I’ve learned along the way.

A month ago the Lord told me Pam is an “Aaron.” Remember, he is one of the men that held up the arms of Moses as the battle raged below. As long as Moses held his arms up the Israelites won the battle. Someone asked me “Who is your Hur?” (the other man holding up the arms) I replied, “I have no idea.”  A few weeks ago Pam pointed out that Sharene’s last name is HURnen. God’s creativity never ends!!! Walking with Him is the most fun, most exciting way to live! It’s boring to live any other way.

Yesterday, a dozen of our amazing intercessors gathered together to pray for us and send us off. It was spectacular. I wish I had a picture to share with you. Everything prayed and spoken touched Pam and I so deeply. (Pam joined us through Facetime.)  We began in worship celebrating with Mercy Me’s song “I Can Only Imagine.”.  Laurie Dodds shared the first word from the Lord. “He says You can’t imagine. You can’t even begin to imagine what is about to take place, that has already been prepared. And I want you to have a focus shift. You are not going into the jungle, you are going into My presence. And in My presence you can’t even imagine what is about to take place, so don’t even try. Quit trying to see what it’s going to be like because it’s bigger than you can comprehend in your natural thinking. So go as I told Abraham to go, just go, one step at a time and quit trying to connect all the dots. Be connected as you go and as you take the territory one step at a time.  It is so big and so harmless and so extremely above and beyond, quit trying to imagine, just stay in the reality of My presence. There’s no place that you are going that I’m not there. No forest too thick, no tree too high, no river to broad, no mosquito too big (laughter) THAT I AM NOT THERE WITH YOU. Fear not, says the Lord, fear not. I would not command you to go and leave you. So fear not says the Lord. Go with great anticipation and expectation of one thing and one thing only — the reality of My presence and in the reality of My presence there will be so much fullness of joy that what will break out will not even be able to be captured on camera although you are to try. And what you will bring back will be a snippet of everything that I did there but do not worry about that. There is no expectation on any of you to perform. There is an expectation of you to be in My presence. And the Lord says to you I truly do love you. I love you from the depth of my being… I love you and I thank you for going.” I LOVE this word from Him!

I’ll let you in on something. I never had any reservations about sharing what God has been doing and speaking, it all has made perfect sense to me. And then I woke up two days ago with shaky knees saying to myself, “What have you done? What are you doing going to a jungle for two weeks?” etc etc etc. The bubble of faith I had been living in seemed to have vanished. I called Pam and had a mini meltdown. She said, “That is nothing but attacks from the enemy. You are a warrior, get up and fight.” I thought about Elisha hiding in the cave scared of Jezebel. It occurred to me that when He is sending you out on assignment sometimes He places a cocoon around us so we don’t hear doubt, common sense, and nay-sayers and once we put a stake in the ground we are given the opportunity to find out if we really believe Him or not. I choose to believe so I did as Pam suggested and in no time I was back on solid ground, ready for the adventure ahead. Now you know why God called her an Aaron. She held up my arms and pushed me back into battle.

Let me close with something the Lord whispered to me on April 26th. “It is time to go to war to battle for the souls of man.”

Suit up warriors!

Until tomorrow….

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