Bougainville: What is it about this tiny island in the South Pacific that has God’s attention?

The Autonomous Region of Bougainville is home to approximately 250,000 residents on 3,600 square miles. That’s just slightly bigger than the state of Delaware.  The province has just 10 doctors serving the entire population, less than one percent of people are connected to electricity and life expectancy is just 59 years.  According to World Vision, less than five percent of the population has access to sanitation,  and one-third of children are not in school. There are also countless young adults who were children during the conflict years that missed out on education.

According to the word God spoke to Royree in January of this year, Bougainville is “raw and unsophisticated.” If you saw the video clip of Royree from our #2 post, you’ll remember that our initial assignment is to find the revivalists from the great move of God 15 years ago  that are still alive and have them lay hands on her and impart what God wants her to have.  Royree could do that without my help so why is God sending me with her — cameras in tow? Because He has much more planned than that.

On April 25, 2016, He dropped in my spirit, “You will not understand what I am going to ask you to do — do it anyway, later on you will know why.”  The following day He added, “Just one touch from the King changes everything. My glory will come in power — some might even say violent force. You don’t really understand what My glory is says the Lord of Hosts. I will come in a mighty wind like Pentecost. Be ready. My fire will fall down. Bougainville will never be the same. The land will shake, glory will fill the sky. I am coming says the Lord. Believe, believe, believe.”  Acts 2, (when the Holy Spirit fell and the church was birthed), took place 50 days after Passover. Is it a coincidence that 50 days after Passover ended this year will be June 12th? That is a Sunday and we will be on the island during that time. Will that be the day we see Jesus?

On April 26th, He continued, “You will carry this fire inside you. You will be like the umbilical cord and where I send you the fire will birth. My glory will come.” I believe Royree, as well as the rest of us on this trip, are going to be infused with His glory and then we will  go as fast as we can spreading it everywhere we are allowed. This has been Royree’s deepest heart cry for 40 years. He summoned me to the media 23 years ago.  Pam has been asking for more for 3 decades. When God gives assignments it seems that many times it takes years for us to be ready and for His timing to be ready.  Patience needed!!!

In 1997, as I was walking over to a bookcase in my home, I froze in my tracks as I unexpectantly heard Him say, “I want you to reclaim the airwaves.” I had no idea what that meant. But since that time I have met other believers in media that feel God has spoken almost the exact words to them. Clearly, He has been building a media army for several decades. Why? I’ve come to understand that one of the ways He is going to bring in this massive harvest so many have prophesied about is through media, the airwaves. We can reach an endless number of people through media whereas one on one is limited. I believe He is going to spread His fire through the airwaves and whatever He has planned for Bougainville is one of the stories He is going to use to reveal Himself to those that need to find Him. Yes, I believe Pentecost is coming to Bougainville.

It seems that God is allowed to be God in these “unsophisticated” places. Perhaps in the West we are too intellectual to accept Him in all his power and glory. We don’t seem to believe He can and does perform great and mighty acts.  Believers in places like Bougainville have no trouble believing in the supernatural, after all it’s not supernatural to God. It’s everyday stuff for the creator of the universe. I feel like personal salvation is the greatest miracle of all and everything after that is “easy peasy.” What could be harder than a callous heart turned toward Him?

Another unique thing about Bougainville:  Some of the old leaders that experienced the great move of God 15-20 years ago believe that the incredible wealth in their copper mine is for God to use to fund the end time harvest. Isn’t that fantastic and so unexpected from a third world country?  God is more important to them than the wealth of the world. I think I’m getting a good idea why He has great plans for them.

I believe this is just the first trip God is sending us on. He is busy breaking out all over the world and I hope He sends us to capture more of His feats on camera. But I’m getting ahead of myself–Bougainville first…..

Jesus, bring it on! WE ARE READY!!!!

Marching together,


For those of you praying for us and Bougainville, THANK YOU!

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