Monday morning, April 11, 2016, I was at Pam’s house in Southern California.  We got up early to have tea and watch the sunrise. It wasn’t long before I felt the Lord’s presence beginning to hover over me.  It was just like I had experienced the week before.  His presence was so strong that I could only lay down and wait.  After a bit, it was as if I could see a movie playing in my mind. If you’ve had an experience like this you know exactly what I mean. In this scene, I was 2-years-old and Jesus was holding my hand and we were walking in a park.  He told me, “Your earthly parents were a vehicle to bring you into this world and guide you into adulthood. They loved you and cared for you but I am your Father.” He continued, “You are who I say you are.” He then told me what He thought about me. It was very healing to my heart to say the least. Truly the kindness of God is beyond measure.

On Tuesday morning, I had another visit from Him. He shared about the cross and about His sacrifice. I gained a deeper understanding of his sacrifice for us.

Wednesday morning I felt Him calling again.  But this time, something felt a little different.  Pam was in the room with me and I remember saying, “I’m going somewhere – I can feel it.” And then in the blink of an eye, I was standing before Jesus.  Besides Jesus everything was black….like a black box set for a play. Jesus was holding a large knife or small sword and He said, “I know the prophets commissioned you to be a general in My media army a number of years ago but I’m going to do it now so you really understand.” I guess that meant Believe Me and don’t second guess! Patricia King (XP Media) and Jill Austin had prayed over me in the past. I got down on my knees before Him and He said, “You are commissioned.” That was it — short and simple.

I got up and He led me over to a place that became a ledge.  I looked over the ledge and it was as if a black curtain was being pulled back to reveal a sea of people down below. People of all races and nationalities were standing shoulder to shoulder and as I raised my head I saw more and more people, as far as I could see,  to the left and right as well. It was endless.  I asked Jesus, “Who are all of these people?” He said, “The ones that don’t know Me. I want you to show them who I am in the stories you tell. We will defeat the enemy.” In that moment,  a passion for these souls came over me. I knew He wanted them and I wanted to go get them for Him. I then asked, “Can I see inside heaven?”  A door appeared and it opened about 24 inches.  Bright light poured out and I heard all kinds of singing and worshipping. Everyone seemed to be singing a different song but instead of it being chaotic it was fantastic and made perfect sense.

I then had an understanding about prayer. I saw an image of an upside triangle. I knew that inside that triangle were the prayers of all the saints that had ever lived. The prayers were weighty and they dripped out at the bottom. I understood that the saints in heaven were praying and almost pleading for the generation that is on the earth now to fulfill these prayers. I knew this was so now and it was this way 100 years ago and would be 100 years from now when our prayers will be added to them.

And then I was standing in front of King David. He didn’t say his name but I just knew who he was. He looked to be in his early 30s, long wavy hair, about 5’5 or 5’6 ish in height. A nice looking man. He was holding the same sword/knife Jesus had been holding. He said, “He wants me to give this to you.” I asked, “What is it?” He replied, “A sword of worship.” Whoa. That was profound. David was a worshipper and a warrior. I believe he was telling me that worship is THE mighty weapon. I was blown away by what he said next. “You need to know I’m praying for you.” That took my breath away but I also understood that what he said was representative of all the saints in heaven. I knew they were ALL praying for ALL of us. That was tied in with the picture of the prayers inside the triangle.  Jesus, in all His wisdom, made it personal to me so I would “feel” what he was saying. It worked, it felt very personal. I then asked Jesus, “Can I stay here with you?” He smiled and said, “As long as you stay in a place of worship you are always here.”  Snap….I was back in Pam’s house.  I felt like a limp noodle for most of the day.

I told Pam I was surprised that He didn’t use a long sword like we typically see for commissioning. She astutely replied, “Those are useless for battle, the knife He showed you is for hand to hand combat.” That made a lot of sense to me. I made another comment that I wondered why Jesus didn’t hand it to me instead of David. She had another great answer. “Whenever someone like a queen  knights someone or promotes them they never hand the sword to the person, they always ask someone under their authority to hand it to the person.” Wow, another great insight.

I’ve thought a lot about this experience. Jesus seems to be making sure I know what He wants to accomplish and I understand my part. I know with all of my being He has something beyond amazing planned for Bougainville while we are there. I don’t believe it is our mission to take anything in but it is our purpose to carry the glory out and bring it to the rest of the world.

As I’ve shared, Pam was with me during these encounters with Christ. Her perspective is unique and I’ve asked her to share her thoughts so you can get to know her as well.

Pam’s perspective of Sondra’s visitations:

You have to know that when you hear from me, I am fairly new to “all things Holy Spirit ”, which includes the leaders, the books, the lingo and the ways He moves. My personal journey is another story, but when Sondra started telling me about what’s possible with this third person of the trinity…..I was like a toddler with an ice cream cone…..interested, eager and hungry but really not sure what to do with the whole thing.

So, I sat with Sondra during the week she described, through these visits, encounters, or whatever you call them and just witnessed what was taking place, and took notes, lots of notes…..I wrote down everything I saw and heard. I saw every emotion in the book, from joy and elation to pain and emptiness…..all facets of the ministry of Holy Spirit as he brought insight to her as a toddler receiving His love and tender care and then when He seemed to reduce her to a groaning, laboring woman doubled over in pain or sorrow, who was being purged and stripped and then equipped and filled. There were equal parts true and intense travail of surrender, followed with the desperate and passionate solidarity of all He was offering and asking. From the tears of one who realizes that she is absolutely nothing apart from her Creator, to the stunned amazement of the call and assignment He is offering, followed by the absolute leaning in of one who realizes that without the Love of the Universe, it’s all meaningless and we are nothing.

I feel I witnessed the essence of an anointing. I heard her speaking in awe, as she describes above, when she was in the presence of her King. I heard her answer when presented with the sword of worship. I heard her gasp when the door was cracked open and she was allowed to hear the praises of Heaven. I heard her answer His invitation to ‘go get the lost souls.’ I was not privileged to see, hear, feel or touch what Sondra was experiencing, but what I did see, hear, touch and experience, was the effects of a human who encounters the divine. One does not encounter the presence of the Living Lord and remain unchanged. So, I beheld change in real time. Eternity and the present day collided before my eyes as Heaven invaded my home and my friend. It was all I could do to hold the pen and write at times. Part of the time, I was reading scripture, part of the time, I held my friend’s hand, most of the time I was praying for her. I wept when she wept and then laughed as the Host of Angel Armies set her on fire with joy. Even as I write these words, I am taken back to those hours and the emotions come flooding back as I feel them again. I, too, was changed forever…and gratefully so. I have been asking God for MORE for many years, and the way He is choosing to answer is so different than I could have dreamed. And I know He is not done. So, I’m in for the full ride! I’m hanging on to His promises to me of what’s to come. I am asking to be forever changed and I know that has already begun to be answered!

Pam, Royree and I are so very grateful to have the support and prayers of so many of you. We couldn’t be more thrilled and more blessed that many of you feel included in this assignment. You are very much a part of this team.  Because of your prayers and words of encouragement, we feel energized, backed up, and surrounded by a loving army of praying warriors. We feel very loved!!!

Love to all,

Sondra, Pam and Royree

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