Day 4 in Bougainville

On Day 1 we arrived at Buka and took a banana boat over to the village where Dave and Roryee have been given land. Dave built a house for them to stay in when they come. He has been given the status of on of the Chiefs. They presented us with a small welcoming celebration, consisting of singing praise songs to God and Roryree preached a short sermon.

The next afternoon we traveled in the back of his truck down some pretty rough roads down to Arawa. Prayed and rested yesterday. But today we are off on an adventure. We are extremely thrilled that we will be accompanied by two gentlemen for Bougainville. One of them is Ishmael, he was God’s chosen leader of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army and the man that led his people to victory. He has agreed to stop what he is doing to for the next few days to and travel with us. Here’s why: God gave him a vision on Sunday. He saw flames of fire coming in on waves. When Roryee told him our story of why we were here and how it has come to be he felt the Lord stirring in his belly. Can you say YES LORD!!!! The other man is Johnathan, Ishmael’s armor barrier and pastor. We will be traveling a long way today in hopes of finding an older man who is one of the remaining men that experienced the phenomenal move of God 20 years ago. He will pray over Roryee and impart his mantle to her.

I will send a report tomorrow with the happenings of today.

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