Intellectual pedophiles want to expose your child to all kinds of perversion and to their vile sex acts. And they are banking on the church to just look the other way. There is no doubt the next phase of the LGBTQ agenda is to sexualize children. Now, they claim exposing children to sex acts fights racism and homophobia. That is is their camouflage.

They want to expose them to all kinds of sex acts. Here is what they are doing already: In many schools, they are having children act out various sexual positions, in class – as early as Kindergarten!

They want nudity in their Gay Pride parades, because they believe that it will be ‘good for your child’. You may wonder, “Who wants this? Who is outspoken about this?” Here is one, for example: a professor at Yale.

Yale University associate professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Joseph J. Fischel, blatantly endorses exposing children to public sex acts in his nauseating article titled, “Keep Pride Nude” in the Boston Review.

They believe letting Children see sex acts fights racism and homophobia.

His reasoning? He believes exposing children to kink and other deviant sex acts will combat “homophobia and racism.” Once again, we see the tried-and-true weapon of the devil being adopted by the Left: label a Christian a homophobe or a racist and they will fall silent. Tragically, it still works.

They are counting on you to be so scared of those labels that you will even sacrifice your child.

Spencer Lindquist in his article Yale Professor Wants Your Kids To See Sex At Pride Parades So They’re Not ‘Homophobes’ says this: “Fischel researches the “regulation of sex” through the lens of “queer studies” and “critical race theory,” which he uses to build his case during one of the opening paragraphs, commenting on the presence of various different deviant activities at pride parades. He writes that “anti-sex, anti-kink complaints are not only wrong but also racist and bad for children.” 

Fischel asks in his disgusting article, “Why might some ‘sex in public’ be right and good?”

Lindquist exposes Fischel’s intention: “The short answer is because refusing to embrace public sex is racist, of course. According to Fischel, ‘Bodies of color, simply by existing, were tantamount to sex in public.’ Adding that ‘Blacks were white folks’ sex public [sic],” capitalizing “Black” while leaving “white” lowercase throughout the article.”


Curiosity is the primary tool pedophiles use to groom children for sex.

Fischel goes out of his way to attack the family: “We ought to celebrate kink, butts, and boobs… especially for those kids whose opportunities and curiosities are stifled by racist violence, economic inequality, or their heterosexual nuclear family.”

Experts say curiosity is the primary tool pedophiles use to groom children for sex.  Fischel wrote about his desire to legalize sex between adults and children.  In his book titled, “Sex and Harm in the Age of Consent,” he said, “we should enact laws that would include the “decriminalization of sex…between some minors and adults,” while adding those ages 12-19 should belong to “a separate sex class under the law.”

But this week of assault on your child didn’t stop with Fischel. It includes the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, who released a video containing this lyrical threat: “We are coming after your children and you won’t even know it.” Some of the members of that group have already acted on that lyric, and have literally gone after children. An investigation showed that some of the members of that Chorus are registered sex offenders.

Cowardly Christian Influencers and lukewarm believers are silent. 

I could not sleep last night. I lay awake, thinking of my 11-month-old granddaughter. What will she face when I am no longer here for her?

I was also thinking of two elements of the Body of Christ that have caused outrage in me, and frankly, are driving me to my knees.

The first is cowardly Christian influencers who are hell-bent on self-preservation. They stand in their pulpits every Sunday morning and could easily speak out and denounce this evil―but they will not. Why should we expect them to? Because the evil of the Left threatens the very lives of the children in their congregations, that’s why!

Why should we expect them to fight for our children and grandchildren? They remained silent about same sex marriage. They did not stand against abortion. The American Church has not consistently protested against the murder of 61,000,000 babies since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973. The only thing they actually spoke out against was Trump’s ‘mean’ tweets.

The real question is, “Why are you—a soldier in God’s army—still listening to them?”

My other grief is Spirit-filled Christians binging on blessings. They want a feeling, a tantalizing word, or an exotic experience. Instead, they should be trained, equipped and sent out to destroy this threat.

Let us stop perverting the word ‘church’. Church is not merely supposed to be a Sunday morning meeting, where a people-pleasing preacher salves the guilty conscience of an apathetic audience. It is supposed to be real time of worship and a challenge to be the people God wants us to be in this present darkness.

What is real revival?

Let us also stop perverting the word ‘revival’. Revival is not a bunch of harmless noise from an artificially whipped up crowd in a church building. It is not flattering each other with alleged words from God. Revival is action where it matters! Revival is always accompanied by reformation!

Fire, for fire’s sake, is a counterfeit. Revival possesses a piercing message. It becomes a coherent strategy. It spills out of the sanctuary and confronts the local evil.  Revival is the gifts of the Spirit operating as they should destroying strongholds 2 Corinthians 10:4, “For the weapons of our warfare are not weapons of flesh and blood, but they are mighty before God for the destruction of strongholds…”

Satan, acting through woke ‘intellectuals’ such as Fischel, wants to offer your children and grandchildren to pedophiles. He is counting on you to read things like this and say, “So what?”

The SF Gay Men’s Chorus says you are so stupid and distracted that when they come for your child, “you will not even know it.”

I am saying that the Holy Spirit is calling us to an unheard-of level of the anointing of Jesus Christ in order that we may combat this debauchery.


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