Announcement: We have decided not to live-stream the upcoming FIREPOWER Master Class. Not only that, there will be only one authorized video recording. Those in the class will even be required to turn off their phones. No unauthorized recording will be allowed.

Some have told us that they hoped these sessions would be live streamed, in order to save them from having to travel to Fresno, CA. I beg you to reconsider—if traveling distance should be the factor in your decision.

Why am I going to these extremes? The short answer is that we are in a war. America is under the domination of an anti-Christian power-structure. The threats are real. Their tactics are insidious. They want to use anything they can to discredit Christianity.

They are not the only problem. Lukewarm and counterfeit Christians are also a threat to revival. You cannot imagine how some of them are offended by songs about the Blood of Christ. Still others are in their pulpits pressuring believers to just submit quietly to laws that may silence the Church in America permanently.

Even many of the Christians you and I see as harmless, are a potential threat. They are giddy, relying on entertainment and concerts to push back the enemy. They have an immature picture of evil and also of God’s authority. They believe they can flirt with evil. They believe they can fight, but only lightly, and fairly.

God has given me a true profile of the kind of believer it will take to save our freedom and win back this nation. I must have the freedom to speak forcefully—and in some cases bluntly—to the devastating division and ignorance of many believers.

For an example, I deeply respect Franklin Graham, but I believe he is ill-advised to say that we should accept the results of the last election and just pray for the Biden administration. He is a highly visible Christian leader who likely does not understand that to mollify the Left with such policies sets us up to accept fraudulent elections in the future.

Not only that, but there are many bills that have passed the House that are nothing short of evil. These bills, if they ever become law, are designed to destroy our Constitution—the last firewall against Democrat tyranny. That threat can never be adequately met with ‘Christianity-lite’.

I must be free to instruct, rebuke, and inform to the degree that this national crisis demands. That is simply a conversation which is too private to leave open to everyone.

Finally, in-person sessions are especially essential for FIREPOWER. I am going to pray for you. I am going to ask for the fire of God to fall on you. What if there is such a drenching of God, and transforming of those who attend, that we need more than just the normal session to make room for it?

One of my heroes and a personal mentor, was David Wilkerson. He had gatherings with pastors that were legendary for the depth of God’s dealing with those who attended. It is what we need today, as the curtain of freedom is coming down on us. God wants to make warriors who are equipped for this ongoing threat.

I cannot implore you enough to make time for this event. If you simply cannot attend, then be assured that we will review the footage and release what the Holy Spirit says to release.

I urge you—do not hesitate to secure your place at FIREPOWER!


Date And Time

Fri, May 21, 2021, 6:30 PM –

Sat May 22 11 AM/ 6:30PM

Sun, May 23, 2021, 6:30 PM PDT


Cornerstone Church / The Historic Wilson Theater / Main Auditorium

1445 Fulton Street

Fresno, CA 93721


I am so excited to be able to offer this Master Class on Warfare and FirePower. I have always yearned to train the remnant on firepower—the power that damages the enemy and moves the army of God to meaningful breakthroughs against sickness, and demonic strongholds.

This weekend of classes will skip the fluff. You will find the weapons that tear down strongholds. I am reallly excited to be teaching all the classes with you.

We do not just need an army—we need an army that can defeat the new threats and win a nation back to God.

Again, the class is Free but you must register. Register now.

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