Voices that are posturing as moral agents are asking you and me to lay down our resistance to the ongoing tyranny in America. They say that the moral and loving thing to do is accept Joe Biden and his administration. The awesome of thing about America and the Bible is that there is a huge case for not caving in.

How then, should we as Christians, relate to Joe Biden? We will know how to relate to Biden when we answer these two questions:

A. What is Joe Biden?  B. What does the Bible say about relating to what he is?

1. What is Joe Biden? It sounds funny to ask what instead of who. However, it makes total sense. It is what Joe Biden is that is affecting us, more than who he is. It is what he is that is the force behind his actions. Coming to grips with these questions will bring us resolution, and then we will not feel guilty or hesitant to do what the Bible says.

Joe Biden is a tyrant. Here are the facts:

He wants to make it a criminal act to question his election. Joe Biden led the charge back in 2016 to question the validity of Trump’s election. He felt that he and all Trump-haters had the right to question that election, but now, no one has the right to question the validity of his election. Joe Biden is against free speech when it threatens him.

I believe Biden is working with the DOJ to identify anyone who still believes that Trump won, and not only identify them as homegrown terrorists—but to close down their businesses. As I wrote in a recent blog, Glenn Kirschner, a Biden operative has launched a campaign to force “every business in America” to take a pledge that states, in part, that “The 2020 presidential election was free and fair, and produced accurate, reliable results.

If Joe Biden honestly believed he was elected legitimately—if he was an American who is truly looking out for you and me—he would demand a full investigation of the election and settle the doubts of the American people once and for all.

He would want every voter in the U.S. to have confidence in the election process. He certainly would not be using his office to smother anything that challenges his power. He certainly would not be fanning the flames of division and slander toward what is likely a majority of Americans.

Joe Biden has exhibited a depraved indifference toward the welfare of Americans.  By throwing open the door to the southern border and welcoming illegals, he has allowed undocumented aliens to bring in a variant strain of the coronavirus. Untold numbers of potentially sick people have been released into our communities. That is a simple fact.

Why is he locking down Americans on the one hand, while releasing new viruses on the other hand? The answer is a coldblooded need by the Left to hold on to power. The lives lost by a new wave of infections is not as important as repopulating America with fresh Democrat voters.

Joe Biden believes he, and not the Constitution guarantees our liberty.  He said this in his speech, “By July the 4th, there’s a good chance you, your families and friends, will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day,”  But Biden and his health experts have added some major caveats: that the gatherings would need to be small, and that there should be no “large events with lots of people together.” He is saying, that our freedom comes by his permission. 

Jesus will provide us with the true example of how to behave at this dark moment in American history. Luke 13:31-32, “At that very hour some Pharisees came up and said to Him, ‘Go away from here, for Herod is determined to kill You.’ And He said to them, ‘Go and tell that fox [sly and crafty, skulking and cowardly], Behold, I drive out demons and perform healings today and tomorrow, and on the third day I finish My course.’”

Jesus is saying what Herod is—a fox. Then he is saying I am not concerned about your threats. I will finish my course. 

Albert Barnes said in his commentary, “Tell that fox—A fox is an emblem of slyness, of cunning, and of artful mischief. The word is also used to denote a dissembler. Herod was a wicked man, but the “particular thing” to which Jesus here alludes, is not his “vices,” but his “cunning, his artifice,” in endeavoring to remove (Jesus) out of his territory. (Herod) had endeavored to do it by stratagem – by sending these (Pharisees) who pretended great friendship for his life.

“”Behold, I cast out devils”—(Jesus is saying), Announce to him the fact that I am working miracles in his territory, and that I shall continue to do it. I am not afraid of his art or his enmity. I am engaged in my appropriate work, and shall continue to be, as long as is proper, in spite of his arts and his threats.”

How then should we as Christians relate to Biden?  Biden has ignored science to keep ungodly control over America and the Church. He has demonstrated that his actions are outside the law of man and God. We must relate to him as a rogue president, and we must therefore relate to God as our Leader at this moment.

We are not to be violent or riotous. We are not to engage in wild conspiracies or railing accusations. We are, however, to tell Biden we are going to be the Church. We are going to believe what the Bible says about sexual sin and gender. Biden cannot tell us to stop meeting, while at the same time allowing BLM, Antifa, and illegal aliens to overrun our nation.

We are going to continue the work of God, without interruption. No matter what.


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