God Visited the Tent in Colorado Springs

If you were in the Tent in Colorado Springs on this hot Sunday in July, you know God showed up in a mighty way.
The day began with a gathering of all Radiant Church services represented in one meeting under the Tent. Mario challenged the people, reminding them that they only had to be obedient to the call, and God was the One who would do the work. Mario closed out the morning session with a call for everyone to bring as many friends and neighbors as possible to the evening service. And did they ever come!
What to us still seems incredible, is quickly becoming the normal pattern. Hours before the scheduled start time, the Tent was overflowing with people. As I walked around the inside and the outside of the Tent, I saw people, individually and in groups, praying for the service.
The worship team took the stage nearly an hour early, while chairs were being set up outside of the Tent. The Destiny worship team brought down heaven as they began to worship, and the presence of God began to flow.
During worship, an army of young people wearing tee shirts that proclaimed “God favors the bold,” rushed the altar area to worship God. Their presence in the Tent brought something new that has not been there before in other meetings. It is important that we pass on the torch to the next generation. What happens in the Tent this week won’t be lasting, or enough, if there isn’t someone to pick up the mantel and continue it in the future.
When Mario took the stage, he immediately gave a short but impassioned plea for people to respond and find their way back to their Savior. When he asked them to raise their hands, I watched hands shoot up all over the Tent.
He then called them forward, and we experienced the largest response ever in the history of the Tent. There must have been 800 people stretched across the front from one side of that massive tent to the other. Even the aisles were filled!
It was a miraculous moment as we witnessed so many people surrendering to God and making Jesus Lord of their lives. I never tire of seeing the altars flooded with people, and I am always amazed at the size of the response. So many broken, hurting and lost people, finding the one Answer that will speak to every one of their needs!
After leading them in a prayer of salvation, they went outside to be ministered to by hundreds of volunteers. Events like these don’t happen without people responding to the calling of the Holy Spirit. About 1,800 volunteers came from all over this great nation to support the work, to be where God is, and to be a part of what God is doing.
After everyone had been prayed for, God showed up again! He began healing people. Mario called out several from the audience, and he spoke very specific words about what God was doing in their bodies. But there were also many hundreds who were touched by God, without a single word.
Mario told everyone to find someone near them who had their hand raised, and he said, “Place your hand on that person’s shoulder.” They prayed, and cries rang out across the Tent, as God healed them.
People who couldn’t walk, began to walk without pain or difficulty. Cancers were destroyed. Backs and hearts restored. A man who had a growth in his throat, and who had been unable to sing previously, was healed by the Lord Jesus during the closing worship song—and he was able to sing! He said he planned to go home and worship all night long.
We often speak of God doing ‘a new thing,’ but what has taken place in Colorado Springs is truly a new thing! This was the largest group of volunteers, the largest crowd, and the largest response for salvation in all the Tent meetings, so far.
God was in the Tent last night! And He will continue to be there every night. If you weren’t there, don’t miss the remaining three nights. If you can, come to the Tent and see with your own eyes what God is doing. Bring as many as you can with you.
Come, and receive the promises of God for your life!

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