We have never had an event go through so many changes and challenges. Yet, despite all of the adjustments and setbacks, this event is sold out!

Our team is already in Fort Myers awaiting 3 semi-trucks loaded with the Tent, food, and supplies for the victims of Hurricane Ian. What an amazing outcome! To be able to combine a history making gathering for awakening in America with an outreach to lost and hurting souls.

I have never been more proud of our team. As I have said many times, they are like Patton’s troops who came out of a three-day battle with no rest or food, and marched 100 miles to Bastogne to liberate the allies.

Our team spent weeks in the Sacramento Valley ministering to thousands and then staged a four-day crusade—and, with just Thanksgiving for a break, they headed to Florida.

Fire and Glory Tour is sold out!

While you read this, hundreds of volunteers are making their way to the neighborhoods where so many are still suffering from Ian.

This will be our crescendo for 2022! Two nights of Fire and Glory! Monday night, Lance Wallnau will declare the fire of awakening over our nation. His message will hit the enemy and his agenda head on. Not only that, but he and I will share a time of supernatural ministry.

What do we expect? We expect thousands of people to be drenched by the power of the Holy Spirit. We expect hundreds of pastors and leaders to be endued with fire to turn our nation back to Jesus. Our expectation is for a record number of souls to be saved both in the Tent and by our team, going door to door.

There is no doubt God’s hand is on our endeavor.

There is no doubt God’s hand is on our endeavor. God met and defeated every resistance we faced. We know that healing miracles will appear each night. There is not one among us who doubts that this is God’s time.

If you are coming: Do not miss this event. Your ticket and registration are now very valuable. The tent is air-conditioned. We have plenty of clean restrooms. We are putting together a plan for parking. Everything will be ready for you. Because we expect capacity crowds—as we said the event is sold out—we recommend that you arrive early. The announced time is 7 PM but the worship will start once the Tent is full.

If you do not have a reservation you should try to come anyway. We must honor those with tickets first, but at 6:45 PM we will open to everyone. We are putting up thousands of chairs to accommodate as many as possible.

Will the event be live streamed? We will be making an announcement about live streaming 48 hours prior to the meeting. We are almost certain to live stream but we do not want anyone who can be there to settle for watching it at home.

This will be an amazing event. We know that it is sent from heaven for this time. Pray for us right now! Storm heaven for souls, miracles and an awakening!



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