When I say I am surprised, upset, and very concerned about what is going on in our beloved America, I’m sure many, many of you feel the same.  I was so sure God was going to intervene in our politics. Well, He didn’t respond to our prayers like we thought He would. So this has left me searching for what now. I believe God and I believe in His word.  He made a promise in 2  Chronicles 7:14.  “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Perhaps God has a plan we have not yet seen. Or maybe He is waiting on us. We think we fulfilled 2 Chronicles 7:14  – but did we really?  I have been soul searching and pondering if I really lived up to my responsibility as a child of God. Yes, I am one of his people called by His name. Check. Did I humble myself and pray? I prayed a lot but how much did I humble myself? Did I seek his face for who He is and what He wants to do or did I seek His hand most of the time? How much did I ask Him to save America versus seeking His face just for who He is? How much of my prayer time was I pleading for America to be saved so we could continue our wonderful lifestyle? Are we as first world Americans, in the most blessed country on earth, ready to change our ways? We let sin, corruption, and the removal of God from our education, government and media take command on our watch. We haven’t been willing to put on our battle gear. If God had intervened on November 3rd, would we be a different nation now or would we have gone back to being passive like we did after 9/11/2000.  Oh I repented for the sins of America — and guess what they weren’t my sins so it was easy to do. How much time did I spend turning from MY wicked ways in true repentance? I’m afraid not much. When any of my children have done something egregious and have apologized I have an entirely different response when they are broken and humbled and ask for forgiveness versus when I have gotten the obligatory apology that feels more like just trying to make peace. You know what I mean.

So I have given myself a D on the prayer report card. I don’t think I’m alone in this assessment. I have heard too many reports of people saying “it will be a long time before I can pray again,” or “why bother praying, it does not good,” and “I’ve lost my faith.” If we had really humbled ourselves and sought His face this would not be a response we are hearing. It proves we are a spoiled people who believe we are entitled to the answers we want. I have spent many months in 3rd world countries. Praying with these people who have so little will definitely lead you to humility. I have interviewed so many people in Africa and asked them this question, “What do you pray for?” 100% of the time I have received this for an answer, “I pray for food to eat and not be sick.”  And yet, when you are with them you know that they know God in a way we don’t. They literally depend on him for their very life. I have never heard them say, “If God is so great why do we suffer such poverty and live with food insecurity.” Maybe our greatest blessing is our greatest weakness – we are too self dependent. We are arrogant as a nation before God. If we won’t humble ourselves He will help us do that. It sure feels like that.  I feel myself getting desperate for Him to reign in the country I love so much.

Is my faith shaken? Absolutely not. I believe with all my heart God wants to save America. I really believe He is waiting for us to humble OURSELVES, seek His FACE, turn from OUR wicked ways. I do believe a very small remnant has been praying this way. Maybe more of “My people” need to get on this page so America can really be a different place. A shining light on a hill for the world. It’s time we focus on HIS ways, not OUR ways.

Father, we desperately need you. Teach us your ways. Please heal our land, Almighty God.

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  1. Pat says:

    This message hits home for me. In my prayers I pray for the healing of not only our nation but for all nations around the world. I feel that we are in this situation because we have failed our God. We have made our lives all about “ME” and that is not what the Bible teaches. Everything that has been happening is God’s way of getting our attention and forcing us to rethink our lives and how we are living. I recognize that God is in control and he has a plan for our lives. These plans are on his schedule, not ours. We are always looking for immediate results and that is not how it works. I truly believe that God will bring us through this crisis but there will be suffering and sacrifice .

    1. Sondra says:

      I agree Pat. Thanks for your thoughts.

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