Jesus in the Jungle

Jesus in the Jungle – 1

When God calls, I hope my answer is “Yes Lord here am I.” When I first felt Him calling me to the jungle of Bougainville I was both excited and perplexed. I assumed the mission would be to capture the fascinating history of the people’s fight for freedom. Well, that may be a part of our journey but I’ve come to understand that that is not the focus at all. But before we get into that I think I should start at the beginning of how this has all come about.

Two years ago I met Royree Jensen while in Phoenix Arizona. Our mutual friend, Patricia King, introduced us. Royree is a pastor in Brisbane, Australia, and former missionary in the South Pacific, but more than that she is a woman that has carried a desperation to see an outrageous move of God on the earth for close to forty years.  It seems like within moments of meeting her she began to tell me about the unique history of this island. She had written a book about it titled, “Sons of Thunder.”

 For anyone interested it is available at

I love stories, especially great God stories, and this is just that. Here’s the high points: Bougainville has the 2nd largest copper supply in the world and a vast supply of gold as well. In the mid-1980s, Bougainville was and is part of Papua New Guinea and while they were not big benefactors of the mine, PNG seemed to be doing quite well. In return, the mine was polluting the land and waters. Fish were dying and the land was not able to grow coconuts. In late 1988, a resident of the island demanded a new deal and for the pollution to stop. The mining company laughed at him. What they failed to realize was the indelible independent spirit that lives deep within the psyche and culture of this people. Eventually, some men of Bougainville blew up the mine and formed the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA). The fight for their land was on.

These are deeply spritual people.  To quote Royree’s book, “they believed that God was on their side in the crisis. This belief fueled both the fight and the seeking of the favour of God by the the military and citizens alike.”  A man named Ishmael Toroama rose to leadership. He heard the voice of God tell him, “you will take the first gun of the conflict”  – they had no weapons.  He used a fishing gun to capture an M16 and an SLR, and those were, in fact, the first weapons captured.  A David had arisen to slay Goliath.  The ingenuity and creativity the islanders employed to survive, fight, and grow strong is nothing short of supernatural.

The next ten years proved to be a bloody and costly battle but the unsophisticated BRA eventually drove out the modern army from PNG. They signed a peace treaty and part of the agreement was that Bougainville would have an opportunity to vote for independence, to become their own nation. That vote will come up in the next two years.

After the war ended, a spectacular, powerful move of God came to the island. Supernatural occurrences were common, like people walking on the water with lots of witnesses to the fact. When Royree got to this part of the story I knew what had drawn her to the island.   I also didn’t have to spend much time with her to understand why the residents of Bougainville had fallen in love with her as well.  After reading her book I was hooked. But it wasn’t time for me to go. The idea of this fascinating island eventually slipped from my mind.

And then on January 30, 2016, while packing for a trip to California, I heard God speak one word to me, “Bougainville.”  Little did I know that Royree was also in California at this time and God was speaking to her about this formidable island as well. We were both in for quite a surprise.

Jesus in the Jungle – 2

While in California, Bougainville was heavy on my mind so when I got back home I decided to facetime Royree in Australia.  When I told her I thought God had Bougainville on His mind she said, “Wait a minute. I was in California in January also and while some people were praying for me at a church service I felt the Lord talking to me and I wrote some things down. I forgot about it but I think He spoke to me about Bougainville. Let me go get the piece of paper.” She came back to the call with a yellow sheet of paper folded up like an airplane. What can I tell you — she may be 69 years old but in her heart she’s a teenager!  Here’s what she read to me: (the video above)

So now my insides were turning. It appeared that God was indeed up to something exciting.  We continued to talk trying to decide if we should make the trip.  A few days after this call we had another facetime visit and she told me that after her time in California she went to Dallas to Glory of Zion church where prophet Chuck Pierce worships. His brother Keith, also a prophet, prayed over her and told her, “God says you put something on the back burner five years ago and He’s moving it to the front of the stove. It will bubble over onto the stove and into Australia.” He also told her, “You are the voice, do you understand.”  When she was relaying this to me her eyes teared up and she said, “I’m getting a download. It was five years ago I gave up Bougainville. I had written the book and felt that I was getting older and needed to get other things done in the time I have left. I was ready to move on.” The writing certainly seemed to be on the wall — we were to go. I wasn’t sure why He was sending me – I assumed it was to tell the story of how He led them to victory in the war for freedom. But I was wrong. More on that soon.

She called a pastor in Bougainville and casually mentioned that a production company from the United States was interested in scoping out the island to see if there was a story to tell. She wanted to downplay it so no one had expectations. His reply was, “This is great timing, God is up to something, we can feel it.” Ok, well now we HAD TO GO.

So how did our 3rd travel mate, Pam, come into the picture? Pam is my friend I went to visit in California. We discussed Bougainville while I was with her and she read Royree’s book. She agreed I should go but also added that I wasn’t about to go without her. If God was up to something she wanted to experience it.  We kept praying, God gave her dreams and insight and He spoke to me that she was an Aaron.  While traveling in the jungle, Royree’s job is to find the men to pray over her and impart, my job is to capture what happens, and Pam’s job is to keep her ear tuned into Him for whatever instructions and guidance we need.   I am overjoyed that God has chosen these two amazing women for me to walk alongside.   It gives me great comfort to know I am in such great company.

In prayer one morning, He told me “Royree is the voice, you are the eyes….meaning my camera.”  I had a powerful visitation from the Lord April 3. I very clearly heard Him tell me, “I’m going to reveal myself to your camera!”  I wrote it down, but my hand was shaking, tears were running down my face, and I could hardly breathe. I had four very strong and powerful encounters with Jesus that day.  I’ll tell you about them this Friday.

Jesus in the Jungle – 3

Every encounter with Jesus is different but  I know when He is calling me…it starts in the abdomen for me. In the beginning, it is often like butterflies in the stomach but it soon escalates into something much more intense. It doesn’t hurt at all but it’s very intentional and purposeful. He now has my undivided attention and it is impossible to focus on anything other than Him.  But I also want to be with Him so it’s not a sacrifice. I feel His presence hovering over me. We stay in this place sometimes moments, sometimes hours before He “speaks” to me. Sometimes He doesn’t speak, we just sit together. For some, the idea of God speaking to us sounds ridiculous.  I get that but all I know to tell you is He is everywhere and He is communicating with us. I have heard a voice out loud on occasion but most of the time it’s a voice in my spirit. Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice.” Sometimes I feel led to a scripture, other times I see images play out in my mind. God communicates differently with everyone. I have a friend that sees God in billboards. He often speaks to me through pictures — I’m a filmmaker so that is my language.

Anyway, on April 3rd when I felt His presence so strongly I picked up a pencil and wrote down what I felt He was sharing with me. This is some of what I wrote down: “Take up your cross and follow Me. I will meet you in the jungle. You will see with your own eyes what I have planned for mankind. Believe! Look with your eyes and I will give you eyes to see what you have never seen before. Man will see Me. They will discover what they haven’t known. A whirlwind is forming around you. Your life is different from this moment on.”  Later in our time together He continued, “Do you hear the sound of the army? They are coming. Victory is ours, saith the Lord. Declare I am the Lord over the airwaves. Reveal Me in the airwaves…..Do you hear the marching of the new army coming in? Proclaim the day of the Lord God Jehovah is here in full force. I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my strength, my God in whom I trust. Ps 91 There is none like Me.   I will reveal myself to your cameras. The people will see me like they never have and they will know that I Am the Lord God Jehovah.  I want people to know I am Father. I have a Father’s heart.”

I have never felt anything like this before.  However, in this day and time He is moving on the earth in a new way. We are hearing reports from all over the world about God doing great exploits. He is moving on the earth in the hearts and lives of mankind. It’s not hard for me to believe He is showing Himself to man. Jesus sacrificed 34 years of not living in heaven with Father and all of the glory and he suffered a violent and cruel crucifixion all so that we could have a relationship with the Father. That’s why it’s not hard for me to believe He wants to reveal Himself to us.  He wants a relationship with us that much.

What awaits us in Bougainville is yet to be seen.  Everyday I get a little more of a glimpse of what I think He has planned.  I don’t know why God is allowing me to be a part of what He’s doing on a remote island in the South Pacific but I am forever grateful and humbled that He is kind enough to let me go and see with my own eyes.

In the next post, I’ll share about April 13th when I was taken to heaven….a day that has changed me forever!

3 more weeks until we go!

Jesus in the Jungle – 4

Monday morning, April 11, 2016, I was at Pam’s house in Southern California.  We got up early to have tea and watch the sunrise. It wasn’t long before I felt the Lord’s presence beginning to hover over me.  It was just like I had experienced the week before.  His presence was so strong that I could only lay down and wait.  After a bit, it was as if I could see a movie playing in my mind. If you’ve had an experience like this you know exactly what I mean. In this scene, I was 2-years-old and Jesus was holding my hand and we were walking in a park.  He told me, “Your earthly parents were a vehicle to bring you into this world and guide you into adulthood. They loved you and cared for you but I am your Father.” He continued, “You are who I say you are.” He then told me what He thought about me. It was very healing to my heart to say the least. Truly the kindness of God is beyond measure.

On Tuesday morning, I had another visit from Him. He shared about the cross and about His sacrifice. I gained a deeper understanding of his sacrifice for us.

Wednesday morning I felt Him calling again.  But this time, something felt a little different.  Pam was in the room with me and I remember saying, “I’m going somewhere – I can feel it.” And then in the blink of an eye, I was standing before Jesus.  Besides Jesus everything was black….like a black box set for a play. Jesus was holding a large knife or small sword and He said, “I know the prophets commissioned you to be a general in My media army a number of years ago but I’m going to do it now so you really understand.” I guess that meant Believe Me and don’t second guess! Patricia King (XP Media) and Jill Austin had prayed over me in the past. I got down on my knees before Him and He said, “You are commissioned.” That was it — short and simple.

I got up and He led me over to a place that became a ledge.  I looked over the ledge and it was as if a black curtain was being pulled back to reveal a sea of people down below. People of all races and nationalities were standing shoulder to shoulder and as I raised my head I saw more and more people, as far as I could see,  to the left and right as well. It was endless.  I asked Jesus, “Who are all of these people?” He said, “The ones that don’t know Me. I want you to show them who I am in the stories you tell. We will defeat the enemy.” In that moment,  a passion for these souls came over me. I knew He wanted them and I wanted to go get them for Him. I then asked, “Can I see inside heaven?”  A door appeared and it opened about 24 inches.  Bright light poured out and I heard all kinds of singing and worshipping. Everyone seemed to be singing a different song but instead of it being chaotic it was fantastic and made perfect sense.

I then had an understanding about prayer. I saw an image of an upside triangle. I knew that inside that triangle were the prayers of all the saints that had ever lived. The prayers were weighty and they dripped out at the bottom. I understood that the saints in heaven were praying and almost pleading for the generation that is on the earth now to fulfill these prayers. I knew this was so now and it was this way 100 years ago and would be 100 years from now when our prayers will be added to them.

And then I was standing in front of King David. He didn’t say his name but I just knew who he was. He looked to be in his early 30s, long wavy hair, about 5’5 or 5’6 ish in height. A nice looking man. He was holding the same sword/knife Jesus had been holding. He said, “He wants me to give this to you.” I asked, “What is it?” He replied, “A sword of worship.” Whoa. That was profound. David was a worshipper and a warrior. I believe he was telling me that worship is THE mighty weapon. I was blown away by what he said next. “You need to know I’m praying for you.” That took my breath away but I also understood that what he said was representative of all the saints in heaven. I knew they were ALL praying for ALL of us. That was tied in with the picture of the prayers inside the triangle.  Jesus, in all His wisdom, made it personal to me so I would “feel” what he was saying. It worked, it felt very personal. I then asked Jesus, “Can I stay here with you?” He smiled and said, “As long as you stay in a place of worship you are always here.”  Snap….I was back in Pam’s house.  I felt like a limp noodle for most of the day.

I told Pam I was surprised that He didn’t use a long sword like we typically see for commissioning. She astutely replied, “Those are useless for battle, the knife He showed you is for hand to hand combat.” That made a lot of sense to me. I made another comment that I wondered why Jesus didn’t hand it to me instead of David. She had another great answer. “Whenever someone like a queen  knights someone or promotes them they never hand the sword to the person, they always ask someone under their authority to hand it to the person.” Wow, another great insight.

I’ve thought a lot about this experience. Jesus seems to be making sure I know what He wants to accomplish and I understand my part. I know with all of my being He has something beyond amazing planned for Bougainville while we are there. I don’t believe it is our mission to take anything in but it is our purpose to carry the glory out and bring it to the rest of the world.

As I’ve shared, Pam was with me during these encounters with Christ. Her perspective is unique and I’ve asked her to share her thoughts so you can get to know her as well.

Pam’s perspective of Sondra’s visitations:

You have to know that when you hear from me, I am fairly new to “all things Holy Spirit ”, which includes the leaders, the books, the lingo and the ways He moves. My personal journey is another story, but when Sondra started telling me about what’s possible with this third person of the trinity…..I was like a toddler with an ice cream cone…..interested, eager and hungry but really not sure what to do with the whole thing.

So, I sat with Sondra during the week she described, through these visits, encounters, or whatever you call them and just witnessed what was taking place, and took notes, lots of notes…..I wrote down everything I saw and heard. I saw every emotion in the book, from joy and elation to pain and emptiness…..all facets of the ministry of Holy Spirit as he brought insight to her as a toddler receiving His love and tender care and then when He seemed to reduce her to a groaning, laboring woman doubled over in pain or sorrow, who was being purged and stripped and then equipped and filled. There were equal parts true and intense travail of surrender, followed with the desperate and passionate solidarity of all He was offering and asking. From the tears of one who realizes that she is absolutely nothing apart from her Creator, to the stunned amazement of the call and assignment He is offering, followed by the absolute leaning in of one who realizes that without the Love of the Universe, it’s all meaningless and we are nothing.

I feel I witnessed the essence of an anointing. I heard her speaking in awe, as she describes above, when she was in the presence of her King. I heard her answer when presented with the sword of worship. I heard her gasp when the door was cracked open and she was allowed to hear the praises of Heaven. I heard her answer His invitation to ‘go get the lost souls.’ I was not privileged to see, hear, feel or touch what Sondra was experiencing, but what I did see, hear, touch and experience, was the effects of a human who encounters the divine. One does not encounter the presence of the Living Lord and remain unchanged. So, I beheld change in real time. Eternity and the present day collided before my eyes as Heaven invaded my home and my friend. It was all I could do to hold the pen and write at times. Part of the time, I was reading scripture, part of the time, I held my friend’s hand, most of the time I was praying for her. I wept when she wept and then laughed as the Host of Angel Armies set her on fire with joy. Even as I write these words, I am taken back to those hours and the emotions come flooding back as I feel them again. I, too, was changed forever…and gratefully so. I have been asking God for MORE for many years, and the way He is choosing to answer is so different than I could have dreamed. And I know He is not done. So, I’m in for the full ride! I’m hanging on to His promises to me of what’s to come. I am asking to be forever changed and I know that has already begun to be answered!

Pam, Royree and I are so very grateful to have the support and prayers of so many of you. We couldn’t be more thrilled and more blessed that many of you feel included in this assignment. You are very much a part of this team.  Because of your prayers and words of encouragement, we feel energized, backed up, and surrounded by a loving army of praying warriors. We feel very loved!!!

Love to all,

Sondra, Pam and Royree

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Jesus in the Jungle – 5

Bougainville: What is it about this tiny island in the South Pacific that has God’s attention?

The Autonomous Region of Bougainville is home to approximately 250,000 residents on 3,600 square miles. That’s just slightly bigger than the state of Delaware.  The province has just 10 doctors serving the entire population, less than one percent of people are connected to electricity and life expectancy is just 59 years.  According to World Vision, less than five percent of the population has access to sanitation,  and one-third of children are not in school. There are also countless young adults who were children during the conflict years that missed out on education.

According to the word God spoke to Royree in January of this year, Bougainville is “raw and unsophisticated.” If you saw the video clip of Royree from our #2 post, you’ll remember that our initial assignment is to find the revivalists from the great move of God 15 years ago  that are still alive and have them lay hands on her and impart what God wants her to have.  Royree could do that without my help so why is God sending me with her — cameras in tow? Because He has much more planned than that.

On April 25, 2016, He dropped in my spirit, “You will not understand what I am going to ask you to do — do it anyway, later on you will know why.”  The following day He added, “Just one touch from the King changes everything. My glory will come in power — some might even say violent force. You don’t really understand what My glory is says the Lord of Hosts. I will come in a mighty wind like Pentecost. Be ready. My fire will fall down. Bougainville will never be the same. The land will shake, glory will fill the sky. I am coming says the Lord. Believe, believe, believe.”  Acts 2, (when the Holy Spirit fell and the church was birthed), took place 50 days after Passover. Is it a coincidence that 50 days after Passover ended this year will be June 12th? That is a Sunday and we will be on the island during that time. Will that be the day we see Jesus?

On April 26th, He continued, “You will carry this fire inside you. You will be like the umbilical cord and where I send you the fire will birth. My glory will come.” I believe Royree, as well as the rest of us on this trip, are going to be infused with His glory and then we will  go as fast as we can spreading it everywhere we are allowed. This has been Royree’s deepest heart cry for 40 years. He summoned me to the media 23 years ago.  Pam has been asking for more for 3 decades. When God gives assignments it seems that many times it takes years for us to be ready and for His timing to be ready.  Patience needed!!!

In 1997, as I was walking over to a bookcase in my home, I froze in my tracks as I unexpectantly heard Him say, “I want you to reclaim the airwaves.” I had no idea what that meant. But since that time I have met other believers in media that feel God has spoken almost the exact words to them. Clearly, He has been building a media army for several decades. Why? I’ve come to understand that one of the ways He is going to bring in this massive harvest so many have prophesied about is through media, the airwaves. We can reach an endless number of people through media whereas one on one is limited. I believe He is going to spread His fire through the airwaves and whatever He has planned for Bougainville is one of the stories He is going to use to reveal Himself to those that need to find Him. Yes, I believe Pentecost is coming to Bougainville.

It seems that God is allowed to be God in these “unsophisticated” places. Perhaps in the West we are too intellectual to accept Him in all his power and glory. We don’t seem to believe He can and does perform great and mighty acts.  Believers in places like Bougainville have no trouble believing in the supernatural, after all it’s not supernatural to God. It’s everyday stuff for the creator of the universe. I feel like personal salvation is the greatest miracle of all and everything after that is “easy peasy.” What could be harder than a callous heart turned toward Him?

Another unique thing about Bougainville:  Some of the old leaders that experienced the great move of God 15-20 years ago believe that the incredible wealth in their copper mine is for God to use to fund the end time harvest. Isn’t that fantastic and so unexpected from a third world country?  God is more important to them than the wealth of the world. I think I’m getting a good idea why He has great plans for them.

I believe this is just the first trip God is sending us on. He is busy breaking out all over the world and I hope He sends us to capture more of His feats on camera. But I’m getting ahead of myself–Bougainville first…..

Jesus, bring it on! WE ARE READY!!!!

Marching together,


For those of you praying for us and Bougainville, THANK YOU!

Jesus in the Jungle – 6

WHY? Why is God planning something spectacular on an island in the South Pacific that He wants captured on camera? Knowing God, He has numerous reasons but I’m pretty sure about two of them. Early in February,  He spoke these words, “I am invisible to too many. Make me known.” That’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t need any further explanation. But it does remind me of an unusual experience I had in 1999 in Rome, Italy when God first shared His heart with me that He felt neglected by man. I was on a prayer journey with about 30 others and the night before we were to visit St. Peter’s Basilica I had a dream that took place in the courtyard of St. Peter’s. I saw a hole in the ground in the plaza shaped like a heart and suddenly lots and lots of people were walking on top it and didn’t even notice where they were walking. All I saw were feet, no faces. The Lord said, “See my people are trampling all over My heart and they don’t even care.” It made me sad. The next morning when I awoke the dream was still with me. It was so real to me that I had the group I was with make a circle around where I had seen the heart cutout in the dream.  While standing in this circle in the plaza we told the Lord how we felt about Him. It was very moving and then I lifted my head and  saw Jesus walking into the cathedral. His back was to me, he appeared to be about 8 feet tall. He was holding a sword in his right arm held high and I heard the words in my spirit say, “Go now and conquer.” It was all I could do to stand. I have worn some kind of heart shaped jewelry almost every day since that unforgettable moment to remind me He has a heart that can be broken.

Since that time He has spoken the words, “Reveal My heart” over and over to me.

In July of 2015, I was having a cup of coffee on the porch talking with Him. What He impressed upon me was, “I want you to tell stories that show how much I love my children and how I intervene in their lives. I want them to know how much I love them.” In other words, I was not to focus on how we seek Him but how He seeks us out.  I asked the Lord if He could give me a verse of scripture that reinforced what I felt like He had just said.  I  immediately saw a verse in my mind. It was big, thick letters….a font you would never use in marketing! The verse was Jeremiah 31:3. The image I saw was so unusual I immediately looked it up. Here’s what I found. “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!” (The Message)   That made a believer out of me!  A few weeks later my husband and I were traveling in Colorado.  He went to a business meeting and it was my birthday so I was just hanging out. My thoughts about the day’s activities were interrupted by the Lord when He said, “Ask me for a sign that what I have told you is going to come to pass.” I knew He was referring to the plans He has for spreading His story through media.  I responded with, “Lord, I don’t feel like I have a right to ask you for a sign. I should walk in faith.” He prompted me to believe for a sign. I heard an instrumental song in my head and felt He was telling me that song was going to play on the radio in the car the next day. When it played I was to know it was a message from Him.

The next day we had a 4-hour drive and halfway into our trip that song came on the radio! Tears poured out and I grabbed my cell phone and recorded the music coming out of the speaker. Here it is.

What is so special about that song?  The name of the song is “Love’s Theme.” The group’s name is Love Unlimited. Is God creative and fun or what!

Till next time!


Jesus in the Jungle – 7


I had a euphoric experience a few days ago….I put on my headphones, cranked up the volume and turned on Mercy Me’s song “I Can Only Imagine” and tried to imagine myself in Bougainville and what it might be like when Jesus manifests His presence or Himself. My insides felt lit up like a Christmas tree! I kinda got hooked on it so when I was worshiping a few minutes ago I played that song again.  When I heard the phrase “Surrounded by your glory” (what will my heart feel) I felt a jolt- like electricity- shoot through my body. I had a visual of being surrounded by something that resembles white clouds. A message came with this, “My glory around you is growing and will continue to grow. My glory you feel now is filled with the prayers of my intercessors that are surrounding you.” My thought was WOW! Just to make sure I heard correctly I replayed that same phrase 6 times and each time I felt a jolt through my body.  I have no doubt this is true. Try to make yourself feel a jolt like electricity shoot through your body!

So this post is dedicated to all of the beautiful intercessors whose prayers are housed in our Father’s glory. We hear from many of you but none of you know what the others are hearing and sharing so I want to give you a glimpse of what is going on with God’s army concerning this outpouring He has planned.

  1. On Friday, May 13th, Stacey called me early in the morning. God had given her a dream in the middle of the night about Bougainville. She got up and recorded it in her phone and sent it to me. It  was full of authentic emotion as she described the dream in great detail as soon as she awakened. The dream was a description of a great move of God on the people, much like Pentecost we read about in Acts 2. What Stacey didn’t know was that on April 25th the Lord told me “I will come in a mighty wind like Pentecost.” I didn’t write about this until Blog #5 on May 19th. I love how in His kindness He confirms His word to us over and over.
  2.  May 14th, Victoria sent this email:This morning I was praying that you would be alert, prepared and that your eyes would be turned towards the direction of the miracle. He reminded me of this verse:2 Samuel 5:24  “As soon as you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the poplar trees, move quickly, because that will mean the Lord has gone out in front of you to strike the Philistine army.”   So, whatever you do, don’t forget to look up. The miracle may be in the treetops.  I shared this word of encouragement with Royree and she laughed with joy. She replied, “That is my most favorite verse in scripture to preach from.”  How fun is God! Victoria also had no way of knowing that on three occasions He has told me to keep my eye on the heavens because something is coming from that direction.
  3. Also on May 14th, I heard from my friend Stephanie. I had shared a word from the Lord in the blog that day that He wanted people to know His Father’s heart. She is planning a trip to Uganda to teach on prayer and the Lord had been sharing the same thing with her –He wants her to share about His Father’s heart. Now God was double-dipping– 2 confirmations for 2 people with one word!
  4. Now here’s a fun story. I’ve said before that He loves to play “Pictionary” with us. In Blog #2, on May 11th, I shared about Royree’s prophetic word from Keith Pierce concerning God moving something from the back burner to the front burner on the stove and it would boil over etc. Diane had a peculiar incident around this time. She was leaving town and her front burner was on low but the knob was turned off. They turned the knob on and off, banged on it, threatened it but it wouldn’t go off. Finally, in frustration, her hubby turned on the back burner and turned it off and the front burner shut off. The repairman was perplexed. About a week later, out of nowhere, it dropped in Diane’s spirit that this was a picture of the prophetic word Royree had received in January. A week later bumble bee’s showed up in Diane’s house….I’ll save that for another story .
  5. On May 17th I received this prophetic gift from my dear friend Cheri. I’m putting this on and keeping it on while I’m in the jungle! It’s self-explanatory.

6. May 18th I posted Blog #4. I put in 1 Cor. 1:25-29. I deleted it and meant to put it back in at the end of the       post. It was late at night, I was sleepy and I forgot. The next morning Stephanie sent me a message                     through FB. The message contained 1 Cor. 1:25-27 “For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s                     wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength. Brothers, think of what you were                   when you were called. Not many of your were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not           many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the           weak things of the world to shame the strong.” I smiled really big with this one. He wanted to make  sure I remembered this verse.

7. This next one set me on fire……..I talked to Carol last Friday. She told me that for over 6 months the number 612 has been put in front of her at least 2 times every day. She looks at her watch it reads 6:12. She looks at an address it’s 612 etc. She has seen the number 612 hundreds of times in the last six months.  She has been praying for the next move of God she feels in her spirit is coming. She thought God was directing her to pray Ephesians 6:12 to stand against the schemes of the enemy to try and stop what He is doing. When I told her about Pentecost taking place 50 days after Passover and that this year it falls on June 12th while we are in Bougainville she had a huge “Oh my goodness….6-12!” Need I say more. Are you on fire too?

8. Bina sent me a text yesterday with a word of encouragement. Bina sends Pam and me a text with a word or verse almost everyday. Wow. We appreciate that more than we can say. Here is part of her text: “I saw a figure being pelted with splatter paint – like paintball – but the splatter  paint was VERY sticky – attempting to prevent you from being able to continue going forward, but then God clearly told me not to worry- that you are tethered to HIM and as you cling to HIM the splatter paint/goo was not able to stick to you. Sondra, your heart is bruised, but He will not allow you to be broken.  You are bruised because of the ones you love SO much – those are your heart bruises. He seemed to be telling me that He is healing you and holding you and LOVES you and LOVES your heart for HIS children.” Words from those that sacrifice their time to pray for us and share the God given insight are food for our spirit. You can see why.

9. My prophetic friend Alison gave me a penny she found on the street — God speaks to her through pennies, “In God we trust,” a cough drop in her purse that read “extra strength” because she is praying extra strength for us and some colored lip balm because a girl always has to have color on her lips! I have fun friends, don’t i!

I could go on and on. I get emails, texts, FB messages, and messages on the blog every day.  Diane sent me 8 pages of scriptures to carry with me. With stove tops going on and off and bees flying around the house I don’t know how she had time!  It means so so so much to us to know we are in this together. All of your prayers, words of encouragement, financial support, enthusiasm, and plain ‘ole love are incredible. From the bottom of my heart, and for the entire team, THANK YOU. We pray blessings upon blessings for you and your families.


Love, love, love you all.


Jesus in the Jungle – 8

Lift off!

I would say the great adventure begins today but reality is the adventure began the moment we said yes to going.  We left home this morning and flew to California to meet up with Pam.  I say we because my son Joshua that just graduated from high school is with me.  He has felt the Lord calling him since he was four years old. When Jesus revealed a glimpse of what He has planned for this time in the jungle I knew I couldn’t leave Josh behind. God made a way. Thank you Lord. When I hugged Steve, my husband, goodbye I felt a big pull on my heart about leaving him. So did Josh.  We know he is struggling with the two of us leaving for so long and for being so far away but he pretended all was good… did Josh and I.  I heard him tell my son, “Take care of your mother.” I will admit that I love and appreciate men feeling the need to protect women. When I was younger I didn’t value that like I should or do now. I found it touching. I’ve loved him for 39 years and he doesn’t always understand everything I do but he has always given me the room to be me and follow my heart. What a gift that is and has been. Steve, if you’re reading this, thank you.

Tomorrow, Pam, Josh and I will take off for Australia where we will meet up with 1) Sharene – who is Royree’s daughter, 2) Eric – Sharene’s teenage son, and 3)Amy – Sharene’s teenage niece and Royree’s granddaughter and the six of us will fly to Papua New Guinea where we will meet up with Royree who is already there holding a Women on the Frontlines Conference.  All of us will then fly to Bougainville and meet up with 4) Dave, Royree’s hubby who has been there for 6 weeks with Walkabout Saul, helping the islanders rebuild and improve their standard of living.  I know it’s a lot of names but I will post a picture from PNG before we leave for Bougainville.  The four Momma’s on this trip are so very happy about the young ones going with us. It doesn’t get any better than that! Royree’s grandkids are interested in filmmaking/photography so they will be a big help to me and I will love teaching them things I’ve learned along the way.

A month ago the Lord told me Pam is an “Aaron.” Remember, he is one of the men that held up the arms of Moses as the battle raged below. As long as Moses held his arms up the Israelites won the battle. Someone asked me “Who is your Hur?” (the other man holding up the arms) I replied, “I have no idea.”  A few weeks ago Pam pointed out that Sharene’s last name is HURnen. God’s creativity never ends!!! Walking with Him is the most fun, most exciting way to live! It’s boring to live any other way.

Yesterday, a dozen of our amazing intercessors gathered together to pray for us and send us off. It was spectacular. I wish I had a picture to share with you. Everything prayed and spoken touched Pam and I so deeply. (Pam joined us through Facetime.)  We began in worship celebrating with Mercy Me’s song “I Can Only Imagine.”.  Laurie Dodds shared the first word from the Lord. “He says You can’t imagine. You can’t even begin to imagine what is about to take place, that has already been prepared. And I want you to have a focus shift. You are not going into the jungle, you are going into My presence. And in My presence you can’t even imagine what is about to take place, so don’t even try. Quit trying to see what it’s going to be like because it’s bigger than you can comprehend in your natural thinking. So go as I told Abraham to go, just go, one step at a time and quit trying to connect all the dots. Be connected as you go and as you take the territory one step at a time.  It is so big and so harmless and so extremely above and beyond, quit trying to imagine, just stay in the reality of My presence. There’s no place that you are going that I’m not there. No forest too thick, no tree too high, no river to broad, no mosquito too big (laughter) THAT I AM NOT THERE WITH YOU. Fear not, says the Lord, fear not. I would not command you to go and leave you. So fear not says the Lord. Go with great anticipation and expectation of one thing and one thing only — the reality of My presence and in the reality of My presence there will be so much fullness of joy that what will break out will not even be able to be captured on camera although you are to try. And what you will bring back will be a snippet of everything that I did there but do not worry about that. There is no expectation on any of you to perform. There is an expectation of you to be in My presence. And the Lord says to you I truly do love you. I love you from the depth of my being… I love you and I thank you for going.” I LOVE this word from Him!

I’ll let you in on something. I never had any reservations about sharing what God has been doing and speaking, it all has made perfect sense to me. And then I woke up two days ago with shaky knees saying to myself, “What have you done? What are you doing going to a jungle for two weeks?” etc etc etc. The bubble of faith I had been living in seemed to have vanished. I called Pam and had a mini meltdown. She said, “That is nothing but attacks from the enemy. You are a warrior, get up and fight.” I thought about Elisha hiding in the cave scared of Jezebel. It occurred to me that when He is sending you out on assignment sometimes He places a cocoon around us so we don’t hear doubt, common sense, and nay-sayers and once we put a stake in the ground we are given the opportunity to find out if we really believe Him or not. I choose to believe so I did as Pam suggested and in no time I was back on solid ground, ready for the adventure ahead. Now you know why God called her an Aaron. She held up my arms and pushed me back into battle.

Let me close with something the Lord whispered to me on April 26th. “It is time to go to war to battle for the souls of man.”

Suit up warriors!

Until tomorrow….

Jesus in the Jungle – 9

We are at the airport in Brisbane waiting for the plane to PNG. Left to right: Pam Boubel, Amy Jensen, Sharene Hurnen, Eric Hurnen, Josh Hicks

This morning about 4, God was gracious and gave Pam and me a download about Bougainville. It seems to be a very key piece. It has definitely honed our focus. Later on I hope to be able to share about it.  While in this moment with Him I saw something akin to a blanket being draped over my entire body and I saw us in something like a slide. We were covered and protected and we were headed down the slide– meaning nothing would stop us and we are protected.

We continue to receive emails and texts from wonderful intercessors who are standing in the gap for us. Victoria sent a vision she had early Saturday morning (USA time). I want to share it with you.   “I’m in tears and the presence of the LORD is heavy. There’s something going on. I know that David is still interceding for you. ( this is in reference to when I was taken to heaven and saw David that I described in an earlier post) You carry the standard of Christ the Risen King. Your horse is more than ready. It is also suited up in military protection and prancing around at the front of your ranks. I wish I could articulate the vision. There aren’t a lot of you, but you will be victorious.”

We are full of anticipation.  I know He’s waiting for us in Bougainville. All we have to offer him is our hearts and the oil in our Alabaster box. We are coming Jeaus. We can’t wait. We love you.

I will post to our site everyday we can get internet out.

Love to all.

Sondra, Pam, Royree, Sharene, Dave, Josh, Eric and Amy

Jesus in the Jungle – 10

Day 4 in Bougainville

On Day 1 we arrived at Buka and took a banana boat over to the village where Dave and Roryee have been given land. Dave built a house for them to stay in when they come. He has been given the status of on of the Chiefs. They presented us with a small welcoming celebration, consisting of singing praise songs to God and Roryree preached a short sermon.

The next afternoon we traveled in the back of his truck down some pretty rough roads down to Arawa. Prayed and rested yesterday. But today we are off on an adventure. We are extremely thrilled that we will be accompanied by two gentlemen for Bougainville. One of them is Ishmael, he was God’s chosen leader of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army and the man that led his people to victory. He has agreed to stop what he is doing to for the next few days to and travel with us. Here’s why: God gave him a vision on Sunday. He saw flames of fire coming in on waves. When Roryee told him our story of why we were here and how it has come to be he felt the Lord stirring in his belly. Can you say YES LORD!!!! The other man is Johnathan, Ishmael’s armor barrier and pastor. We will be traveling a long way today in hopes of finding an older man who is one of the remaining men that experienced the phenomenal move of God 20 years ago. He will pray over Roryee and impart his mantle to her.

I will send a report tomorrow with the happenings of today.

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