It will only take you a few minutes to read this blog. But you cannot take the news I am about to give you lightly. This is momentous. It is not a spontaneous decision but a deliberate and prayerfully conceived plan. Lance Wallnau and I are about to take a gigantic forward step in our ministry to America.
This is one of the most important announcements I have ever made.
Lance and I are coming the Hertz Arena in Estero Florida October 24 and 25. It is called Fire and Glory. One night for the fire of God to fall and settle the greatest question of our time. A second night for the Glory of God to demonstrate the miracles of Jesus today.
Elijah asked a simple question: “How long will you halt and limp between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him! But if Baal, then follow him. -1 Kings 18: 21
A great evil has captivated America. The church while sincere and zealous has not found an effective strategy to stop the flood of evil and tyranny. Our efforts to reform are polarized into two camps.
One camp is focused on political action. The emphasis on the political while vital for opening our eyes and waking us up to our duty does not go far enough. Any political movement that gathers followers but does not clearly call souls to Christ and repentance can only go so far. It must have the firepower and authority to stop the demonic engine of the Left.
The other camp is focused on the supernatural. But miracles are blunted because they are expressed in safe settings. Practitioners use language the outside world does not understand. They engage in mysticism that leaves outsiders baffled.
The fire of God will declare who is God over America. The Glory of God will demonstrate the reality of miracles today.
Monday night October 24th at 7 PM Lance will present an explosive message that rips the mask off of what is happening in our nation. He will declare a manifesto of awakening that will shake the very foundations of corruption and deception in our government and culture.
His presentation will end in a Mount Carmel moment. The fire of God will fall on the audience—an audience that will transform into an army. Be there when the fire of God falls and changes us all forever.
On the second night, Tuesday October 25th people are bringing the sick from everywhere to be healed. I already know that the Holy Spirit is going to demonstrate greater and deeper miracles than I have ever experienced in my ministry.
As a bonus Lance and I will be doing day sessions on that Tuesday starting at 10 AM.
Registration for this once in a lifetime experience begins this Friday August 18th. It is not required for this event but we will would like to know that you are coming. Look for the registration links here and at
See you at the Hertz Arena!

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