Are we canceling two nights of Fire and Glory in the Hertz Arena? Everyone knows that Fort Myers took a direct hit from Hurricane Ian. The Hertz Arena in Estero, Florida is right there, in its path. Does that mean we are canceling the two nights of Fire and Glory on October 24th and 25th?
That big question deserves a complete answer. From the very beginning, I wondered why God chose this region of Florida for the first stop on our Fire and Glory Tour.
Going to Pennsylvania would seem to have made much more sense as a first stop, since it is a battleground state. But no, His voice was emphatic, “Go to the Hertz Arena and invite Lance Wallnau to join you.”
Amazingly, the Hertz Arena emerged unscathed. Not only that, but it served as a shelter for the people in that area during the hurricane. I believe that has a great spiritual significance.

We also believe the hurricane has added a great urgency to the event.

So the answer is very clear. We are not canceling. And not only are we going ahead with our plans, but we also believe the hurricane has added a great urgency to the event.
More than ever, I know why God chose Estero. And now it is crystal clear that we are in God’s perfect timing.
God knew this storm was coming and He knew what would be going on in the hearts of the people after the storm.
And speaking of ‘after the storm,’ there is a prophetic prediction that has been circulating in this area of Florida for a while. It seems a prophet said that a great hurricane would hit Clearwater and Tampa.
The New York Times reported today that it has been 100 years since a hurricane hit Tampa. Think of that! That means this prediction is not a high probability guess.
But it is what the prophet said would come after the hurricane that matters. He said it would be followed by a great spiritual awakening. Could this be it?

He said it would be followed by a great spiritual awakening. Could this be it?

All I know is that we cannot cancel. We dare not cancel. We must be ready for an astonishing outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
God knows I am not hyping this event. I hate that kind of thing. What I am telling you is that now, more than ever in my life, I know that I am walking into a miracle.
If you are registered and have any inkling of doubt, please listen. You need to stick with your plan to come. If anything, you need to step up your efforts to bring others.
If you have not yet registered, let me strongly advise you to do so, right now. At this time, both nights are over half full, and there are still 25 days remaining for open registration.
Be there when the Fire and Glory of God falls!

Register here right now!


An Explosive
Two Night Event

Lance wallnau and Mario Murillo are coming to the Hertz Arena in Estero Florida, October 24 and 25. It is called ‘Fire and Glory.’ One night for the fire of God to fall and settle the greatest question of our time. A second night for the Glory of God to demonstrate the miracles of Jesus today. Both nights are Free!

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