All we are saying is that Americans have a right to choose. We should not be shamed when we exercise that right. All we are saying is that we have a right to the facts. That means access to any and all information that helps us make the right decision.
Why do you hide facts about effectiveness, side effects, and death rates? Why do you want decades to pass before you tell us the truth? We are right to be alarmed. John Kennedy said, “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market, is a nation that is afraid of its people.” We cannot agree more.

No person should ever be coerced into an unwanted medical procedure.

Nothing is more antithetical to a free society.  Moreover, we believe that it is wrong to fire anyone because they refuse such a procedure. It is even worse to cancel their career. But the most heinous wrong is to deny their children an education. These actions violate everything America stands for.
Freedom of speech does not end during a pandemic. Arnold Schwarzenegger mocked those who feel their freedom is being violated, by paraphrasing them: “‘Well, my freedom is being kind of disturbed here.’” Then he said to them, “No. Screw your freedom.”
That is exactly what we feel our government is saying to us.
Now I will perform an experiment. Please reread what I have written so far in this blog.
Did I tell you not to get vaccinated? Is there anything I wrote that is a lie? Do you see any conspiracy theories here? Or any calls to overthrow the government?
Nevertheless, when this is posted on Facebook, they will link a disclaimer below it. And notice the comments that disagree with this post. They will say all of kinds of things that are inflammatory and false. Look closely, and you will see anger, accusation, and obscenities—but not one direct refutation of anything I have written.
What do I want you to note in all this? You need to see what is happening to your freedom. They want to bully and intimidate anyone who in anyway causes vaccination-hesitation.

But the real threat to freedom is going to come after this pandemic.

That is when we will learn that a lot of the restrictions have become permanent law, resulting in a permanent loss of freedom.
Former Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas once warned of a “twilight” phenomenon by which incremental deprivations of rights become permanent, especially when they exist long enough to become “normal” for a new generation.
All we are saying is that this is not normal. It is anti-American. And we must resist with all of our might.



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