Each persons’ pigpen looks different, but they all have similar circumstances. We all feel trapped by our circumstances! We made choices that seemed right at the time but were wrong for us, and we ended up in a place of broken dreams – a pigpen. It’s never too late to change direction and find a new path. It takes two things to start a journey out of a pigpen place.

1)  We have to take an honest look at our life and decide if we are where we hoped to be and who we wanted to be.

2)  We must make a firm decision to go a new direction – out of the pigpen. Each of us has an inner strength. Now is the time to reach inside and use that strength. This change will take all the bravery you have, but I know you can do it!

If you are reading this, I know you want to make a change. The first step to make a change is always the hardest. Be brave and determined. Let’s do it!

Home. A safe place to live in a family loved and cared for by those in our family. There is a commitment of love that binds us to each other in a deep way. God has placed love in each of us. It is part of the innermost nature of a person. A place where they love us and, we love them. A family to belong to can look different for each of us  How home looks is not as important as having a home place and those special people.

Home is a dream, a place of hope, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and compassion.  A destination to search for and to find.

What does going home mean to me? Looking at leaving a pigpen place can be scary because it is, at the very least, known to us. We need a destination, a place to look forward to with hope. Going back to our beginning can start the process of healing and, hopefully, restoration in our lives. Looking at how the past shaped our lives lets us understand more clearly how we got to where we are now. It also gives us a road map to our destination.

Our goal for beginning the journey starts with the following.

1)  Finding our way home by:

a.  Understanding our current selves

b.  Learning who God made us to be, thus giving us a chance to leave the pigpen and find our home

c.  Restoration to any natural family members we can locate, which makes way for forgiveness and understanding

2)  Facing the facts. We won’t ever leave where we are until we decide we would rather be somewhere else. Not our current pigpen.

3)  Make a decision, then do the work!

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