News Flash! Hope is in the air here! If you have started on this journey, be kind to yourself! Good morning, all! I’m thinking this morning (on my porch again…gorgeous weather) about what a Pigpen life is really all about. No matter what your physical living conditions happen to be, great or terrible, the bottom line is this…..a Pigpen is a sad, lonely place, a foreign country. You are at this place in your life, realizing that things are not turning out the way you hoped, because in some form or fashion for one reason or another, you deliberately left, were kicked out of, or simply wandered away from HOME. But, remember what we talked about last time in “With Love, Nana Ann” hope lives here.
It doesn’t make any difference if the home you left was your birth family, adopted family, “grafted into” family, or the family of God. The fact is that you and I, ( yes, I was a pigpen dweller) left. We receive our first taste of love in our home. Our first sense of belonging, of knowing that we ought to be taken care of, is in our home. Our first food and water are in our home. Our first discipline comes in our home. Our first knowing that parents are not perfect and make mistakes that hurt our feelings is in our home. Siblings… incredible and terrible….can be part of a home. No matter what our leaving experience was or how we feel at this time, home is supposed to be a “forever” place. Think about the appeal on TV for someone to give a forever home to a dog, cat, horse, or person. The world knows the truth about a “forever home,” and deep down, so do we!
Wouldn’t you like to make peace with your “forever home”? Healing, restoration, and forgiveness are waiting for us there.
Grace, Nana Ann

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