The Fire and Glory Tour has been given a divine promotion. We are moving from the Hertz Arena into our Crusade Tent. The dates are the same—December 5th and 6th. Your registration is the same—no need to change anything.

The new location is exciting! We will put up our air conditioned Tent on the campus of Word of Life Church in Fort Myers.

This move adds an explosive dimension. We are going where the need is. Our army of volunteers are coming to minister in the areas most affected by Hurricane Ian. We will have Thanksgiving outside our Tent for thousands of people. We will go door to door giving away literally tons of food and necessities to the victims of Hurricane Ian.

Do not worry about your seat. Our newly renovated Tent can seat thousands.

Do not worry about your seat. Our newly renovated Tent can seat thousands. And there is nothing like the atmosphere inside our Tent. You can ask anyone who has ever been in our Tent when the power and presence of God is flowing: THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT!

How did we decide to make this final change? Two factors motivated us:

-The first factor was that the devastation from Ian has lasted longer than expected. We did not want to take the chance that the Hertz Arena might still be needed for shelter in December.
-The second factor was my calling. Feeding, clothing, and winning people is what we do. How can I be this close to such a massive need and not do anything about it?
We prayed and God said, “Go!” But it was the heart of Pastor Gaspar & Michele Anastasi that made all of the difference. Having this beautiful campus and the surrounding parking, in a central location, is perfect!

We will finish our historic crusade in Roseville, California on November 17th. Then our team—resembling Patton’s army marching to relieve Bastogne—will pack up and caravan, a virtual traveling city, to Fort Myers, Florida.

We are beyond excited! If you have not registered yet, register now at the link below. If you have already registered, you are set. No need to do anything except show up and bring someone.

Lance and I will be looking for you at the most exciting event ever!

Remember: December 5th, and 6th! Fort Myers Word of Life Church 6111 South Pointe Blvd. Fort Myers, Florida 33919. Use the link below.

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