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The Bible says, “He who rebukes will, in the end, find more favor than he who flatters” (Proverbs 28:23).
In 2006 God spoke me to warn the Church about Obama’s “Christianity” and his nefarious agenda for America. I was met with almost universal condemnation. I knew that if I stood my ground, many would see the truth and come around. And they did. In a very big way.
In 2018 I was directed to call out Hillsong Church. Again, a firestorm of criticism came on me. And again, eventually, people came to see that what I had written was the truth.

These mandates to write blogs that call out dangerous untruths is extremely rare for me.

This week, God led me to call out a cult-like devotion to false descriptions of heaven. The Holy Spirit said it is a dangerous distraction that is taking people away from soulwinning, submission to a local pastor, and searching the Word of God. It is also bringing ridicule on the true office of prophet, and on Christianity.
If you do not believe me, then by all means stop reading. And by no means, leave comments to correct me or declare your support for these ludicrous tales of multiple visits to heaven. They will be immediately removed. No matter how loving or how subtle your words are, I will not let my site offer any support for a dangerous falsehood.
There is a glaring contrast between the tone of these myths, and the tone of the true experiences of Paul. These myths are couched in hyper-casual language, whereas Paul held his visions in such reverence that he would not divulge what he saw.  He wrote, “And I know such a man—whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows, how he was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.”

And here is an additional warning: defending these false stories about heaven will discredit those who are true prophets, if they do not distance themselves from this foolish imbalance.

Nothing that anyone can say will cause me to disobey or retract what the Holy Spirit has ordered me to say. And so, again, I posted the blog He gave me, and again there was another firestorm. This time however the firestorm was not as strong as in the two previous instances.
I also discovered that a great deal of silent concern already existed in the Body of Christ about these stories. In the Christian media especially, there is almost unanimous alarm over these garish claims about heaven. That is why so many programmers do not allow it on their shows.
Now I am only speaking to those who are standing with me in this controversy.
I will not answer the foolish questions that many angry people have tried to ask me. In my following comments, my purpose is only to provide ammunition to those who are being attacked for standing for truth and against these wild tales.

Question: Mario aren’t you causing a division?

Answer: No, I am not. The division that is dangerous was already there. If fact, it is not just a division, it is a disconnection. Falsehood can disconnect believers from truth, and then lead them down a dangerous path.
Colossians 3:18, “Let no one defraud you by declaring you unworthy and disqualifying you for the prize, insisting on self-abasement and worship of angels, taking his stand on visions he claims he has seen, vainly puffed up by his sensuous notions and inflated by his unspiritual thoughts and fleshly conceit, and not holding fast to the Head, from Whom the entire body, supplied and knit together by means of its joints and ligaments, grows with a growth that is from God” (AMPC).

Question: Shouldn’t you have gone to her first before publishing the post?

Answer: That injunction to go to someone is about offenses which occur on a personal level: Matthew 18:15, “Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother.”
False doctrine is handled differently. As someone wisely commented on my blog, “Is that what Paul did? Did he go and meet every person who spoke untrue words, or did he simply caution others about such people?”
I Timothy 1:3-5, “As I urged you when I was on my way to Macedonia, stay on where you are at Ephesus in order that you may charge certain individuals not to teach any different doctrine, nor to give importance to myths and endless genealogies, which promote useless speculations rather than divine training which is in faith—whereas the purpose of our instruction is love, which springs from a pure heart and a good (clear) conscience and sincere faith. But certain individuals have missed the mark on this very matter have wandered away into vain arguments.”

Question: She never claimed that she was a prophet. She is a revelator.

Answer: The blog was not focused on what she called herself, but on what she claims she saw in heaven. I do not see how her not calling herself a prophet in any way changes anything. Whether she takes the title of ‘prophet’ or not, she has prophesied many times, as far back as 2019. Those prophecies did not come to pass. And search the scriptures, there is no office gift of ‘revelator’.
2 Timothy 4:1-6, “I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, Who is to judge the living and the dead at His coming and His kingdom: Proclaim the Word! Be ready, whether the opportunity seems to be favorable or unfavorable. And convince them, exhorting, rebuking, warning them, being inexhaustible in patience and teaching. For the time is coming when they will not tolerate wholesome instruction but, having ears itching for something pleasing, they will gather to themselves one teacher after another, chosen to foster the errors they hold, and will turn aside from hearing the truth and wander off into myths. As for you, be steady, and accept unflinchingly every hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fully perform all the duties of your ministry.”
I am an evangelist, fully performing all the duties of my ministry.
Thank you for hearing my heart. This is the last thing I will say on this subject.


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“I did see Elvis, and the first time I did, I was being taken in certain areas of Heaven, and (sic) this beautiful garden there was a chapel…not a massive chapel, there are smaller places if you want to go there…and I heard music. I was with the Holy Spirit at this time, and He moved the door open. There was also an angel with me. I guess they think I might get lost in Heaven, that’s just a joke, you can’t get lost in Heaven. But they moved this door open and I could hear the music and it was Elvis playing, and he was playing to Jesus Christ.” – from a video interview on a Christian website
Discernment has left the building.
This self-proclaimed prophet also claims that she saw Robin Williams and Michael Jackson. She further claims to have visited heaven, at will, thousands of times. She saw tame dinosaurs, children riding a T. rex, a massive roller coaster that was named ‘The Rush’, and a mountain made of Jell-O.
Mario, you may ask, why are you writing this? There are many reasons. To understand my first reason, look at our current crisis and how close this nation is to disaster. Will America ever heal from the ravages of the last few years?  We have yet to feel the total impact of the pandemic, our moral landslide, division, and hatred. Many experts wonder if we will come out of this alive.

Mario, you may ask, why are you writing this? There are many reasons.

Then there is the chilling notion that all of this was bought and paid for. Did a handful of people—who own much of the Earth—plan these calamities in order to beat America into global submission?
Our freedom hangs by a thread. This is a time for repentance, fervent prayer and mass soulwinning. So, my first point is simple: Even if these things were true—why would God, in such a desperate hour, be telling us about Elvis, Jell-O, and T. rexes?
The next reason is that I am a soulwinner. Many of the things that are said, in the name of prophecy, make us look crazy to outsiders. Those I am trying to reach need to know I am in no way a party to these kinds of claims. These shenanigans are used by our enemies to discredit the Gospel.

These shenanigans are used by our enemies to discredit the Gospel.

The next reason is that these “prophecies” distract Christians away from the frontlines. They turn soldiers into spectators, seeking a fresh word. Some “prophets” give out words every day. They are turning the prophetic into a daily horoscope. And the greater catastrophe is this: thousands have put away their Bibles in favor of these daily “prophetic” messages.
Real prophets are willing to rebuke the king. True prophets do not waste their gift on flattery or meaningless predictions. Those who are listening to the Holy Spirit feel the urgency of the hour. They are sounding the alarm to marshal the Army of God to action.
Prophets call out evildoers and religious hypocrisy. Their voice is raised under the balcony of wicked rulers, not in the comfort of Christian safe-houses. Prophets are the dread of evildoers—not the delight of bored believers seeking a “fresh word.”

Real prophets are willing to rebuke the king. True prophets do not waste their gift on flattery or meaningless predictions.

Moses rebuked Pharaoh.  Samuel rebuked King Saul.  Nathan rebuked David.  Daniel rebuked Nebuchadnezzar.  John the Baptist rebuked King Herod.  
Right now, the harvest is great and the laborers are few. The distractions generated by false prophets are reducing the number of available vessels to do the real work. Right now, we should be getting organized against the Democrat agenda—not chasing fantasies. At this moment, we should be preaching fire and reaching out to the millions of desperate souls who are ready to harvest.
But my final reason is the greatest. The Bible commands leaders to put an end to these false teachings. Paul told Timothy, “As I said when I left for Macedonia, please stay there in Ephesus and try to stop the men who are teaching such wrong doctrine. Put an end to their myths and fables, and their idea of being saved by finding favor with an endless chain of angels leading up to God—wild ideas that stir up questions and arguments, instead of helping people accept God’s plan of faith” (1 Timothy 1:3,4 TLB).
Notice that Paul did not name the false teachers. Sometimes he did, (as in 1 Timothy 1:20), but in this case he did not. No matter how much people scream for me to name names, I will not.
It grieves me beyond words that I had to write this. I have prayed and waited for other leaders to do their duty. I have wondered where the adult supervision is for this segment of the prophetic movement.
I remember Elihu, who remained silent as long as he could, waiting for those who were older and more qualified to correct Job, to finish before he began.
“So Elihu, the son of Barachel the Buzite, answered and said: “I am young in years, and you are very old; therefore, I was afraid, and dared not declare my opinion to you. I said, ‘Age should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom.’ But there is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding. Great men are not always wise, nor do the aged always understand justice” (Job 32:7-9).

I have wondered where the adult supervision is for this segment of the prophetic movement.

I know I am going to lose some of you. I realize that there will be a firestorm of criticism. You will hear a lot of bad things said about me. I will be called hateful and even threatened with curses for daring to speak against “God’s prophets.”
I thank God for true prophets. I believe in them and I believe in the prophetic. It is because of the awesome power of true prophecy that we must expose the false.
Look closely, and what you will not see or hear is a rational defense from the Word of God for these fables. And that is the only thing that should matter.

Mario’s new book is coming at you! 

You will gain boldness. Boldness is the golden key to influencing a nation. As you turn the pages you will watch yourself become an educated bullet—a devastating instrument in the hand of God. You will confidently answer the mad ravings of current America.
Not only will this book ignite a revolution in your mind and spirit, it will help us reach more lost souls. And that statement takes us to a burning issue: Please do not give your money to Amazon! Get your book from us. To induce you further we are offering you free shipping and something that Amazon cannot give you: Mario will sign your copy.
These books are moving fast, so please act now. Use the link below to order your book right now! Click where it says Do Not Leave quietly.

Do Not Leave Quietly





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California is ready. Will you join me in a mass harvest of souls?
Yes, I am asking you to come to California. And Yes, I am telling you it is time for a great harvest of souls in the Golden State.
I am asking you to come to make memories that will last a lifetime!
The world witnessed the harvest of lost souls in Colorado Springs. Now we are ready for an even greater ingathering of souls on the West Coast.
Before you decide you cannot come I am asking you to reconsider.
The first thing to consider is the testimony of those who made the pilgrimage to Colorado Springs to be used of God. Here some questions they asked and then answered.
Was it worth the sacrifice? A lot of our volunteers had to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Could they take the time away from family, jobs and obligations? Was it be risky because some were battling illness themselves? Would the result be worth the sacrifice?


I am asking you to come to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Their overwhelming reply is a resounding YES!  The hardships they endured were nothing compared to the glory they witnessed both on the streets and in the tent.
The most common report was the thrill of seeing real miracles. They witnessed the power of God destroying the works of the devil. Supernatural power flowed right before their eyes.
The next question was about boldness. Would they have the courage to minister on the streets? Many of them were insecure about their ability to minister to strangers.
Our volunteers raved about the training. Frank Saldana and our team from Inner City Action gave them effective instructions and led them to neighborhoods. In those communities they encountered two more pleasant surprises.
The first surprise was the openness, and the hunger of people. The harvest is indeed great and the laborers are few. The second surprise was their own boldness. Again and again they returned with exciting stories of the power and the words the Holy Spirit gave them to win souls.

They witnessed the power of God destroying the works of the devil. Supernatural power flowed right before their eyes.

Now we come to the question of fellowship. How would they relate to the other volunteers? Well it was amazing. The pandemic took its toll on fellowship. Believers have been separated from each other. The excitement of meeting people of like mind and heart is overwhelming.
Spirit-filled patriotic Americans were overjoyed to see how many others believe and think the way they do. Lifelong friendships were born!
We have many ways for you to serve. And I promise you that we will find a place for you.
It will be my honor to lead you in the evening rallies. California is ready. Here we come. Please volunteer for the supernatural time of your life
Please use the link or QR code to register.


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Supernatural Fire of God Fell in the Tent

I arrived at the Tent grounds a couple hours early and, again, many of the seats were already occupied. Almost an hour before we were scheduled to start, the place was overflowing with people.
Catherine Mullins and the Radiant Church worship band again brought down heaven. They were joined by several hundred youth who were absolutely on fire. The presence of God was intense and powerful as they led us into a great time of worship.
Mario took the stage and spoke for nearly an hour, his topic being: Modern Preaching. In particular, he uncovered the lies of the false ‘gospel’ coming from the pulpits of many churches today
He described how vaccines work in order to make a point, but not the one people expected. He talked about how a vaccine is a powerless version of a disease, made up of dead viruses. The body responds to the vaccine as if it were the real thing, training itself to destroy the real version. Then he showed how Satan has introduced a dead ‘gospel’ into the church that mimics the real Gospel. It is designed to inoculate us against the real thing when we encounter it.
“Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition” (2 Thessalonians 2:3).
Mario went on to quote the first part of John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son…” He described it as the scariest passage in all of Scripture, because you cannot know how bad hell is until you see the depth of what God was willing to pay to keep you out of it.
He also talked about the woman at the well and contrasted the temporal relief of the natural water with the eternal relief of the spiritual water. Then he made an appeal to those desiring salvation.
And once again, people came from everywhere. It is always a thrill to see souls find their way home. They filled the area in front of the platform and the aisles. And for the fourth night in a row, I followed them out of the Tent as they received personal ministry. The line of people must have reached over 75% of the way around the Tent.
After this there was a very discernible shift in the atmosphere. Although God had been there the whole time, it was as though He somehow entered for a second time. In the first half, leading up to the time of salvation, He was there as a loving Father and Shepherd, drawing his children back home. But the atmosphere shifted, and He came in like the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! He roared into the Tent with an intensity I’m not sure I’ve ever felt before!
There were so many healings! A woman had her bones, feet, neck, back, and hands healed. She was previously unable to walk without pain, yet now she was running the aisles.
There were five women with intestinal issues. All were healed. Some of them had additional issues in the neck, shoulders, eyes, dizziness, and racing heart that were also healed!
Two different women had similar pain, both coming from accidents. Healed!
A woman with 12 different afflictions, including trouble walking and stabbing pain in the back was healed, and took off running for joy!
Mario called out another woman, and the Lord showed him that she, herself, was someone who lays hands on the sick. She had a growth that had become a tumor. It was gone! Additionally, she was healed in her heart, feet, and spine. 
Mario suddenly began to move with the same intensity as God’s presence in that place. He came down from the platform and began interacting with the crowd. He approached a man, and he was healed of heart disease. A woman with a bad jaw, eyes, hip, knee and back was healed!
There were more healings: severe pain in the body, and many diseases: heart, blood, brain and lung. One person was healed of mysterious throat and stomach pain. 
Mario called out multiple people in various sections of the tent. One section had healings of heart and lung disease; in another section, cancers in the stomach and esophagus were healed.
So many others: jaw pain, headaches, tumors, pernicious anemia, sickle cell anemia, neuropathy, dizziness and diabetes. All healed!
The Holy Spirit showed Mario one man suffering from hemophilia, and he was healed!
He then called out a woman who was sitting toward the right side of the Tent. He said she was being healed of liver and kidney disease. As she was being healed, the Holy Spirit came upon her. Mario told her, there is a new tongue in you, and told her to begin to speak it out. She began praying in the most beautiful prayer language.
Mario then asked if anyone else in the Tent had not been baptized in the Holy Spirit and had never spoken in tongues. He said, “Raise your hands and receive it!” Soon, the Tent erupted with the sound of people speaking in tongues, many for the very first time. Mario then added that they were not asking for tongues, but asking for more of Jesus!
Mario declared, “The days of Pentecost are coming back to America!”

“Your people shall be volunteers in the Day of Your power; in the beauties of holiness, from the womb of the morning, you have the dew of youth.” Psalm 110:3

If you weren’t able to attend these meetings you missed an incredible move of God. I would encourage you to look watch the videos on Mario’s Facebook page, and witness God doing many might works!
And if you want to be part of what God is doing, sign up to volunteer at the Sacramento Tent in November. More information will be available very soon on
“Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the LORD descended on it in fire. The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, and the whole mountain trembled violently.” Exodus 19:18

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God’s Power Erupted in Colorado

The first two nights in the Tent had been so powerful that, when I left the Tent Monday night, I remember thinking, “What more can God do? Will it be more of the same?” But, on a scale of one to ten, God turned the power up to eleven tonight!
I arrived a couple hours early and saw that, once again, the Tent was filling up. The people are so hungry and excited to see God move that, 30 minutes before the announced start time, the place was packed and worship had already begun.
During the broadcast of FlashPoint tonight, Mario went live, and gave a report of what was happening in Colorado Springs.
About an hour before the 6:30 announced starting time, Catherine Mullins and the Radiant Church worship team brought holy fire to the Tent!
Because Catherine is so anointed, the worship was incredible. Just as it had been with the Destiny worship team, this wasn’t a concert—it was a cry of awe and adoration to our God and Savior. And once again, the youth led the way, filling the area in front of the platform, as the first notes were ringing out. And many others followed their lead, joining them there to worship God.
Mario entered then, and began by telling a story about a time when a serial killer called the Hillside Strangler was committing murders in the Bay area. Because of this, entire counties were affected. No woman felt safe or would walk anywhere at night. And Mario said that even though the area was affluent and nice, if anyone had said it was ‘safe’ they would be lying, unless they had power over the Hillside Strangler.
That is the difference, Mario said, between Christ and all other theologies. The reason Christ is better than Buddha or Muhammed, or any other spiritual beings, is that Jesus defeated Satan on the cross.
Mario then went on to preach a message of salvation. And, as they had during the first two nights, hands went up all over the Tent. When they came forward, they again filled the entire width of the Tent, and up the full length of all the aisles. It was the largest response yet—nearly 1,000 souls came forward to be saved. All glory to God!
Each night, as God performs miraculous signs and wonders, it draws people. Much like when Moses saw the burning bush in the desert: Then Moses said, ‘I will now turn aside and see this great sight…’ (Exodus 3:3).
Signs and wonders are the tool God uses to get the attention of the lost. Once He has their attention, He can get hold of their heart.
Mario next challenged the people. He talked about how we suffer all the indignities of a visit to the doctor’s office when we go, and we take whatever he prescribes, because he told us to. But when the man of God says to stand and be healed, we suddenly become afraid. We don’t move, because of fear or embarrassment. Mario asked, “What is wrong with you?”
Next Mario told the people to begin praying in tongues, and as they began to pray, suddenly, God erupted in miraculous power.
He told them, if you feel power in your legs, start to move. A man came toward the front and was moving his arms and legs. He was healed in his legs, spine, neck and shoulders.
Then a woman came toward the front. She was being miraculously healed of a multitude of conditions. He told her he had been waiting for her, and that God had shown him her face as he was on the way to the tent, and that the Lord had also revealed her story to him. God healed her lungs, dizziness, weakness, a growth in her abdomen, heart, her neck, back, hips, knees, feet and hands. Mario had her raise her legs and wave her arms. He kept instructing her to move in different ways. She finally began to dance, and the crowd erupted with joy and applause for the miracle God had performed.
Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Mario called out a second woman near the front. He had her show the cane she had used when she walked into the meeting. Then she put her cane aside as she moved her legs and arms. She came to the front, and she, too, began to run and dance—totally healed!
He next spoke to a pastor whose son had broken his wrist. Mario said God was restoring the bones and tissues. He said that the same anointing which had replaced the nerves in the woman’s spinal cord, was going forth and was healing the young man’s wrist.
Healings then became rapid fire, as Mario began calling out specific illnesses in entire sections. 18 people, mostly in one section, were all healed of heart disease. Many in a second section were healed of cancer. In another, migraines were healed.
Mario then called out to a young girl in the youth section. He told her that she had a condition that came and went that caused paralysis in her limbs. She stood, and began to walk. We later learned she had told her youth group, that morning, that she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. But she had also told them that she believed God would heal her tonight. And He did!
As I watched God move throughout the Tent, healing and restoring bodies and changing lives, I saw what appeared to be a cloud of smoke hovering above the people. It was the anointing of God being poured out over the people, and it filled the upper regions of the Tent.
Mario finished the night by asking everyone who needed healing to raise their hands. He then requested that those in the audience who were nearest to them, should lay their hands on them and pray. Many, many healings took place.
This began the transition of God’s power from a singular event, to a release of healing into the churches, where it can continue to flow.
If you weren’t there tonight, you missed a mighty demonstration of the power and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. But there is still one more opportunity. If you are anywhere near Colorado Springs, I would encourage you to come to the Tent and bring someone with you who needs God, needs a healing touch, or needs both.
If you can’t be there, you can watch the live-stream on the Mario Murillo Ministry Facebook page. But I encourage you to try to be here, or to come to future events.
God is clearly on the move. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of what He is doing!

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God Did a Mighty Work in Colorado

Just like last night, Monday night was another night to behold, as God showed up and did many mighty works.
The evening began with black clouds overhead, and although it did rain briefly, it stopped well before the meeting began. But the threat of rain did not deter the people from showing up. More than two hours early, the Tent was filling quickly.
The rain let up, the sun began to shine, and with an hour to go before the 6:30 starting time, the Tent was completely filled. An additional 1,000 chairs had to be set up in the surrounding areas outside of the Tent, and they were filling up as well. In all, there must have been 4,000 – 5,000 people inside and out. What a blessing to see so many people hungry for a move of God in their lives and in their communities.
Once again, the worship team from Destiny arrived and brought down heaven. The anointing on them is clear. God uses them to reveal Himself to His people, and we respond in awe. It is not a concert under the Tent, it is holy awe and a desire for the presence of God.
The young people, as they had last night, came forward and filled the area in front of the platform, as the first notes rang out. Their fervor was infectious and soon many adults and families joined them. We felt a powerful presence of God in the Tent.
Right at 6:30, Mario took the stage and immediately began a plea for souls. This is what I love about Mario, whatever else he does, or is a part of, it always comes back to reaching the lost.
Mario began by telling a story. He spoke of a little girl who has been kidnapped. He described what it would be like if you happened to come upon her alone in a park. Her captor is nowhere to be seen. Would your response be to reason with her on an intellectual level about the merits of leaving with you to go to a place of safety? Perhaps entering into a debate about why it would be best for her to come with you?
Heavens, no! You would approach her and say, “You don’t know me, but I know you. And I don’t have time to explain to you why, but you need to come with me, now!” And you would usher her to a safe place away from her captor, and toward those who can help return her to her parents.
Mario went on to say that, in the same way, we have to stop apologizing for telling people they are lost and in desperate need. Instead, we must begin to grab them out of the enemy’s camp and bring them to a place of safety.
He then invited people to raise their hands if they wanted to make Jesus their Lord. He first asked them to stand up and, finally, to come forward. About 800 people responded. It was such a beautiful sight to again see all those souls stretched from one side of the Tent to the other, and the full length of the aisles.
After Mario prayed with them, they left the Tent to be ministered to by hundreds of volunteers. I followed the crowd outside and was blown away as I saw the line of people stretched clear around the Tent. What a beautiful sight!
As the people were leaving, God directed Mario’s attention to a young woman on his left, who had responded to the altar call and who needed healing in her body. She had suffered from cancer, and Mario ministered to her, saying, “The doctors have put an expiration date on your life. But the Holy Spirit is tearing that label off of you. And God is removing the poison from your body.” Tears of joy were coursing down her face as God miraculously healed her.
Mario then began to speak from the passage in Mark 6, about the time Jesus was in His hometown and was unable to perform miracles.
“Now He could do no mighty work there, except that He did lay His hands on a few sick people and healed them. And He marveled because of their unbelief.” (Mark 6:5-6a).
Because the people knew Jesus as one of their own, their familiarity created a lack of awe and respect for Who He truly was. And their unbelief prevented Him from performing any great works.
Mario then showed the contrast at the end of that same chapter, Mark 6, where the people of Gennesaret responded when they heard He was coming. They brought all the sick and they were all healed:
“And when they came out of the boat, immediately the people recognized Him, ran through that whole surrounding region, and began to carry about on beds those who were sick to wherever they heard He was. Wherever He entered, into villages, cities, or the country, they laid the sick in the marketplaces, and begged Him that they might just touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched Him were made well” (Mark 6:54-56).
All of a sudden, miracles began to break out all over the Tent, and many, many amazing healings took place. Cancers disappeared, legs were strengthened, migraines destroyed, fear and despair vanished.
While Mario was focused on the healings taking place in one part of the Tent, a cry rang out on the opposite side. There, a woman raised up out of her wheelchair and began slowly walking to the front and across the area in front of the platform. With each step, you could see strength come into her legs, and her walking became easier.
Toward the end, Mario asked everyone who had been healed to stand up. He then called on a man who was standing to his left. Mario began to list all the things that were wrong in this man’s body: his eyes, ears, neck, back, legs, bones, knees, and feet—and he especially emphasized that the man’s heart and pancreas were being healed. It was later revealed that he could not walk without pain, and yet, as he left, he was able to run!
Mario closed out the night with this powerful prayer:
“Father in the name of Jesus and for the glory of God. I’m asking you Lord, to begin to heal. To begin to heal every person in this room. And to do it Lord, for your glory and for your Name that is above every name. And I thank You, that you are doing this supernatural miraculous thing by the hand of God. Amen.”
Let me invite you: If you want to see the power of God moving, it is not too late. There are still two more nights for this Crusade. Come and be a part of history, as God pours out His love on His people!

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God Visited the Tent in Colorado Springs

If you were in the Tent in Colorado Springs on this hot Sunday in July, you know God showed up in a mighty way.
The day began with a gathering of all Radiant Church services represented in one meeting under the Tent. Mario challenged the people, reminding them that they only had to be obedient to the call, and God was the One who would do the work. Mario closed out the morning session with a call for everyone to bring as many friends and neighbors as possible to the evening service. And did they ever come!
What to us still seems incredible, is quickly becoming the normal pattern. Hours before the scheduled start time, the Tent was overflowing with people. As I walked around the inside and the outside of the Tent, I saw people, individually and in groups, praying for the service.
The worship team took the stage nearly an hour early, while chairs were being set up outside of the Tent. The Destiny worship team brought down heaven as they began to worship, and the presence of God began to flow.
During worship, an army of young people wearing tee shirts that proclaimed “God favors the bold,” rushed the altar area to worship God. Their presence in the Tent brought something new that has not been there before in other meetings. It is important that we pass on the torch to the next generation. What happens in the Tent this week won’t be lasting, or enough, if there isn’t someone to pick up the mantel and continue it in the future.
When Mario took the stage, he immediately gave a short but impassioned plea for people to respond and find their way back to their Savior. When he asked them to raise their hands, I watched hands shoot up all over the Tent.
He then called them forward, and we experienced the largest response ever in the history of the Tent. There must have been 800 people stretched across the front from one side of that massive tent to the other. Even the aisles were filled!
It was a miraculous moment as we witnessed so many people surrendering to God and making Jesus Lord of their lives. I never tire of seeing the altars flooded with people, and I am always amazed at the size of the response. So many broken, hurting and lost people, finding the one Answer that will speak to every one of their needs!
After leading them in a prayer of salvation, they went outside to be ministered to by hundreds of volunteers. Events like these don’t happen without people responding to the calling of the Holy Spirit. About 1,800 volunteers came from all over this great nation to support the work, to be where God is, and to be a part of what God is doing.
After everyone had been prayed for, God showed up again! He began healing people. Mario called out several from the audience, and he spoke very specific words about what God was doing in their bodies. But there were also many hundreds who were touched by God, without a single word.
Mario told everyone to find someone near them who had their hand raised, and he said, “Place your hand on that person’s shoulder.” They prayed, and cries rang out across the Tent, as God healed them.
People who couldn’t walk, began to walk without pain or difficulty. Cancers were destroyed. Backs and hearts restored. A man who had a growth in his throat, and who had been unable to sing previously, was healed by the Lord Jesus during the closing worship song—and he was able to sing! He said he planned to go home and worship all night long.
We often speak of God doing ‘a new thing,’ but what has taken place in Colorado Springs is truly a new thing! This was the largest group of volunteers, the largest crowd, and the largest response for salvation in all the Tent meetings, so far.
God was in the Tent last night! And He will continue to be there every night. If you weren’t there, don’t miss the remaining three nights. If you can, come to the Tent and see with your own eyes what God is doing. Bring as many as you can with you.
Come, and receive the promises of God for your life!

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