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Thousands are saved and healed under our Tent. But please give this testimony your undivided attention.
“I attended the tent meeting with Mario, in Modesto, CA. Although I live in EL Dorado Hills and suffered from agoraphobia, my entire life, I have suffered from panic attacks; agoraphobia (not leaving my house); crippling anxiety; and torturing fear of, basically, living.
“Panic attacks, suicide, depression, a missing daughter—and I also had a past of backsliding. I became a very popular stripper, prostitute and movie maker in Vegas and L.A. I now see how the devil deceives and makes things appear very deceptive to drag us into hell.
“It wasn’t easy in my mental torture to get into my RV and head over to Modesto for the sole purpose of expecting healing, as I already fell on my knees privately before God. I had a choice. Die or surrender to Him
“I went up to the altar call again with Mario and went with my faith to be healed from the mental torture I lived with on a daily basis. At one time it got so bad I was afraid to get into the shower! I felt like I had lost my mind!

I immediately returned home afterward, and started living!

“I was healed at the revival and that dark spirit got off me! I immediately returned home afterward, and started living!
“Those who I considered my caregivers (companions who would escort me to daily chores etc.) saw me take off by myself, doing things I have never done before. I love my solitude with God and I had a blessed time visiting my parents in Colorado, and out of the blue, my daughter called (missing for almost a year) along with meeting my grandchildren.
“God gave me Psalm 147:3 and Isaiah 65:23. He dragged me out of that pit and all I had to do was give my heart, my children and my life to Him. He made Himself very real to me and now my desire (with God’s will) is to help those who have been in similar situations. I really feel like screaming from rooftops how free I am! Thank you, Mario, for being used of God and above all, thank you, My Father, for being my God.”
Yes, we rejoice at this miracle, but we are also aware of the flood of evil that is inundating our nation. We are haunted by the torrent of filth, perversion, addiction and despair. We are also keenly aware of the power that radiates in our Tent crusades. So, we knew we had to radically increase our outreach.
Then God told us to do something strange. When we obeyed, our outreach did not just multiply—it exploded!

I tried looking for a better word than ‘exploded.’

I tried looking for a better word than ‘exploded.’ I could have said we ‘multiplied,’ but that is an inadequate description. I could even say we ‘increased exponentially,’ but that also would not do it justice.
All of the glory goes to God for what is taking place.
A quick glance at our website or our Facebook page will tell the story. Nearly 2 million people have visited our pages in the last 30 days. Our YouTube channel had 2.5 million views in the same span of time.

We thought that our new 19,000 square foot Tent would be way too big

We thought that our new 19,000 square foot Tent would be way too big for the crusade in Hanford California. Instead, thousands had to sit outside. The harvest of souls and miracles was astonishing!
The term ‘explosion’ is fitting because we suddenly grew in all directions. We seem to be everywhere reaching out to lost souls. Here is a sample of what is happening to us.

7,000 people have registered so far, for the two nights we will be in the Mabee Center

7,000 people have registered so far, for the two nights we will be in the Mabee Center in Tulsa, OK. We will do Flashpoint Live on Thursday Night April 21st  and then a Living Proof Miracle Service on Friday night, the 22nd.
Meanwhile, the momentum for our next Tent crusade in Western New York is overwhelming. Nearly a thousand leaders are set to meet me for brunch Saturday April 9th at Cornerstone Church in Batavia, NY. This is the lead up to our tent crusade there that starts Sunday May 15th through Wednesday May 18th.
Next, we invade Colorado Springs, CO, with a regionwide pastors and leaders brunch, on June 4th leading up to our tent crusade there, July 10th through the 13th
What did we do that caused this explosion? We obeyed God and moved to Tennessee.
Why did we move to Lafayette, Tennessee? Of course, the answer is the Holy Spirit led us here. But why did He lead us here? I found the best way to explain it in Genesis 26:22, “And he moved from there and dug another well, and they did not quarrel over it. So, he called its name Rehoboth, (spaciousness) because he said, “For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.”

Our billboards are being seen by hundreds of thousands of people on the interstate between Buffalo and Rochester NY

Relocating to Lafayette, Tennessee is an incredible strategy. I never would have thought of it.

Relocating to Lafayette, Tennessee is an incredible strategy. I never would have thought of it. And it is no wonder that God is releasing a torrent of blessing. Because now we can sustain it!
To build for the impending awakening we needed land. But we did not only need land, we needed a favorable political environment. We are not fighting hostile Woke politicians here. We have freedom to expand our infrastructure.
The size of our crusades continues to grow. That means more equipment, vehicles, and a thousand other things. That means a lot of storage. Now we can meet that challenge.
However, it isn’t just about freedom to build, it is being able to build for a fraction of the cost we would have on the West Coast. We have always spent money wisely, but with the current inflation, our move here makes more sense than ever.
The technology is also here. Why did a major corporation install fiber optic internet in such a seemingly out of the way place? God provoked them, that’s why! Our studios and offices will all be fitted with the leading edge of technology.

In fact, the largest crusade in our history will be in California this Fall. Look for a huge announcement.

And finally, and most importantly, we are now centrally located. That means that many major cities are within range of our trucks. It means we can touch more cities than we ever imagined.
Does this move mean that our focus on Highway 99 in California is over? Absolutely not! We are redoubling our invasion of the Golden State. The crusades in California will continue until Jesus returns! In fact, the largest crusade in our history will be in California this Fall. Look for a huge announcement.
What is the mood at Mario Murillo Ministries? It is a combination of joy and reverential awe. We are like those who dream, but the dream is real. The blessings that are flowing are real. But so is the sobering weight of responsibility that God has placed on our shoulders.
Satan truly believes America is doomed, but God is already reviving, reforming and empowering a great awakening. It has already started! Come and join us on this astounding adventure!

Our mailing address is P.O. 408 Lafayette TN 37083

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Satan’s bait in the Ukraine

We can all agree that what Putin is doing is inhuman and barbaric. Nevertheless, the war in the Ukraine is not our war. It is a globalist war. A war without heroes on either side. And, it is a war we must avoid. Our sons and daughters should not be sent to die in this war.
The true victims are the Ukrainian people. We will talk later about what we can do for them.
The European Union encouraged the Ukraine to take a hard line with Russia. They promised to have their back if Putin did anything. Now they have backtracked and are only granting token support.
Are they hoping, yet again, that the United States will step in and take the lead—even if it leads to World War Three?

Hearing Americans rooting for action and rallying for us to send troops to die in the Ukraine is utter madness.

Have we learned nothing from our disastrous involvement in Vietnam? Afghanistan? What about Iraq?  Even the New York Times was claiming that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. He did not. The same mechanism that duped us into the war in Iraq is doing the same thing now. The same people who profited from the war in Iraq stand to profit in this one.
Why are you not suspicious when MSNBC, CNN and all the other Leftist hollow heads are unanimous in the drum beat of war? Why are you agreeing with the same people who locked down your church, forced masks on your children, and made billions off of forced vaccinations?
Are you buying the new-found patriotism of the Left who want us to attack Russia? This from the very ones who have proven, again and again, their mortal hatred for all things American?

Do not take the bait. This is Satan’s bait. It is a distraction from other critical issues.

1. This is a distraction away from the corruption which is about to be uncovered. A wise man once said, “A lie can travel half way around the world, while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” Well brothers and sisters, the truth finally got its shoes on. How convenient that the war in the Ukraine arrived just as the world was waking up to the truth about the present administration?
The truth about Hillary, Hunter Biden, the Wuhan Lab, Fauci, Pfizer, election fraud, mass profiteering, and the backlash against their cramming CRT, transgender and other sexual perversions down our throats got too close for comfort, and the Left needed another distraction. This is a distraction! It is meant to cause us to take our foot off the gas, just as we are about to uncover mass corruption.


2. It is a distraction away from Democrats passing the most evil laws ever. While you were looking at the war in Ukraine, Colorado passed a law that allows abortion, even at full term.
Maryland goes one better. It is a monstrosity called Senate Bill 669. It reiterates current law that deprives fetuses of all rights, meaning they could be the subjects of live experimentation when that is technologically feasible. The language of this Satanic bill is chilling:
“Nothing in this section shall be construed to confer personhood or any rights on the fetus.”
Next, the bill would prevent investigations and legal penalties for abortion at any point in the pregnancy and “perinatal” deaths caused by “failure to act” — which extend from the 22nd week of gestation.

That means a baby may be neglected and allowed to die even 28 days after it has been born alive.


That means a baby may be neglected and allowed to die even 28 days after it has been born alive. It states:
“This section may not be construed to authorize any form of investigation or penalty for a person:
(1) Terminating or attempting to terminate the person’s own pregnancy; or
(2) Experiencing a miscarriage, perinatal death related to a failure to act, or stillbirth.”
This means that a baby who survived an abortion can be allowed to die without care, and no investigation could be pursued nor legal penalty applied.
Imagine letting a newborn that survives an abortion go without any attention, medical or otherwise, for up to 28 days?
3. This Satan’s bait also distracts us away from the midterm elections.
To rehabilitate their heinous history, the Democrats now want to appear patriotic. They want to drum up the kind of patriotic fervor that existed during the Second World War. They are even saying Putin is worse than Hitler.

They want to ruin our best chance in decades to finally depose a depraved Congress.


I do not care how spiritual your pastor sounds when he or she says you should ‘stay out of politics’. Staying out of the midterm elections would be the worst thing the American church will ever do. This is our chance—maybe our last chance—to make them pay for the towering list of evils and misery they have heaped on the American people.
The Ukrainian people—and not the corrupt regime—deserve all of the help we can give them. But we must not be distracted from an enemy at home that is just as lethal. The Left is equally at war with our freedoms, even if they are not yet turning their guns and tanks on American citizens.
Keep your foot on the gas. Let us first win this war against evil at home. Then we will be better equipped to deal with evil in other parts of the world.



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